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The Marble Cave is a mini-biome found in the Underground or Cavern layers. These biomes are made entirely out of Marble Blocks and Marble Walls, and contain several Pots of a design unique to the area. They normally generate as a long, singular horizontal passage, but their shape can be affected by overlapping cave systems. The enemies that spawn in these caves are themed after the ancient Mediterranean. Marble Caves can also spawn appropriately themed Underground Cabins built with Smooth Marble Blocks, housing Marble Chests with ordinary underground treasure.

Marble Caves can prove to be one of the most dangerous areas in the game, even for endgame characters. While Hoplites are ranged enemies that deal respectable damage to pre-Hardmode characters, the Hardmode enemy Medusa inflicts one of the most deadly debuffs in the entire game, capable of completely immobilizing a player from great distances, dealing significantly inflated fall damage and leaving them vulnerable for several seconds if they survive. Even well-prepared characters should take caution when in the vicinity of a Marble Cave, as even being near one can cause these unique enemies to spawn in ordinary underground spaces.

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Farming Information[edit | edit source]

  • Standing directly on marble blocks when inside the Cavern layer is one of the easiest ways to spawn marble-themed enemies. While standing on a marble block, there is a 4/5 chance of the next enemy that spawns being a Medusa or Hoplite.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Breaking the stalagmites and stalactites will cause a bleeding effect.
  • The pot designs, the look of the marble and enemies all are references to ancient Greece.

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