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  • King Slime Mask.png Wall of Flesh Mask.png Duke Fishron Mask.png
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Body slotSocial Helmet
RarityRarity level: 1
All Masks equipped
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For defensive headpieces, see armor.

Masks are Vanity items dropped by all non-event Bosses, except those from the Old One's ArmyDesktop Version. They are worn in the social head slot. Each boss has a 14.29% (1 in 7) chance to drop its own mask.

Types[edit | edit source]

Pre-Hardmode Masks
King Slime Mask King Slime Mask
Internal Item ID: 2493
Eye of Cthulhu Mask Eye of Cthulhu Mask
Internal Item ID: 2112
Brain of Cthulhu Mask Brain of Cthulhu Mask
Internal Item ID: 2104
Eater of Worlds Mask Eater of Worlds Mask
Internal Item ID: 2111
Queen Bee Mask Queen Bee Mask
Internal Item ID: 2108
Skeletron Mask Skeletron Mask
Internal Item ID: 1281
Wall of Flesh Mask Wall of Flesh Mask
Internal Item ID: 2105
Hardmode Masks
Destroyer Mask Destroyer Mask
Internal Item ID: 2113
Twin Mask Twin Mask
Internal Item ID: 2106
Skeletron Prime Mask Skeletron Prime Mask
Internal Item ID: 2107
Plantera Mask Plantera Mask
Internal Item ID: 2109
Golem Mask Golem Mask
Internal Item ID: 2110
Duke Fishron Mask Duke Fishron Mask
Internal Item ID: 2588
Ancient Cultist Mask Ancient Cultist MaskDesktop VersionConsole VersionMobile Version
Internal Item ID: 3372
Moon Lord Mask Moon Lord MaskDesktop VersionConsole VersionMobile Version
Internal Item ID: 3373
Ocram Mask Ocram MaskOld-gen console version3DS Version
Event Masks
Dark Mage Mask Dark Mage MaskDesktop Version
Internal Item ID: 3864
Ogre Mask Ogre MaskDesktop Version
Internal Item ID: 3865
Betsy Mask Betsy MaskDesktop Version
Internal Item ID: 3863

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Ancient Cultist Mask is arguably the most tedious to obtain, not because it is hard to defeat the Lunatic Cultist, but because it is impossible to farm him without spawning in and completing the Lunar Events likely multiple times.
  • Console VersionMobile Version After updating to a Desktop version Desktop 1.3-equivalent, the Ocram Mask became unobtainable.
    • Console version Any Ocram Mask already existing in character inventories or worlds prior to the update is still usable.
    • It is impossible to obtain it on the Switch version Switch version, as Ocram was never available on this version.
    • It was removed entirely from the Mobile version Mobile version. Upon updating, all existing Ocram Masks were replaced with 10 Gold Coin each.[1]
  • Two of the masks have animations: The King Slime and Moon Lord Masks will move around when the player moves left or right.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

  • Desktop 1.2.3: Added Brain of Cthulhu, Wall of Flesh, Twins, Skeletron Prime, Queen Bee, Plantera, Golem, Eater of Worlds, Eye of Cthulhu, and Destroyer Masks.
  • Console 1.07: Added all Masks up to Desktop 1.2.4 except for the Duke Fishron Mask.
  • 3DS-Release: Introduced all Masks up to Desktop 1.2.4, but with a low drop rate.