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Master Mode

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Desktop version Desktop-Only Content: This information applies only to the Desktop version of Terraria.
Click to learn more about Master Mode  Master Mode-Only Content: This information applies only to Master Mode and Master Mode worlds.
Not to be confused with Hardmode, which is triggered by defeating the Wall of Flesh.
"Master" redirects here. For other uses, see Master (disambiguation).

"Game over man, game over!"

Master Mode is an option that can be selected during world creation, and that can also be turned on through the difficulty slider in Journey Mode. It further increases the difficulty of the game beyond Expert Mode, as well as offering Master Mode-exclusive items. Like Expert Mode, Master Mode begins the moment the Master Mode world is created, and cannot be altered after that by the player outside of Journey Mode. Master Mode also drastically increases enemy health and damage.

Master Mode gives the player one more accessory slot, meaning that the player can have a total of 7 accessory slots after consuming the Demon Heart in Hardmode.

All Expert Mode content is also available in Master Mode. All Expert Mode AI changes also apply.

Master Mode introduces new items that can be collected by defeating bosses, such as Relics that can be placed to show off one's victories against bosses, as well as the Master Mode exclusive Pets/Mounts, which have a 25% drop rate.

General[edit | edit source]

  • Most enemies have roughly 50% more health, deal more damage and have 10% more knockback resistance than in Expert Mode (thus three times as much health and 20% more knockback resistance than in Classic Mode).
  • When entering Hardmode in Master Mode, enemies' health and attack power drastically increase (for example, the Blue Slime will have 411 HP| 93 Damage).
  • The following debuffs last 2.5 times (25% longer than in Expert ) as long when inflicted on players:[1]

Bosses[edit | edit source]

  • Bosses in Master Mode have increased health. Each boss has their own health scaling factor for Master Mode.
  • Bosses gain 50% more damage to their expert values.

Player[edit | edit source]

  • Players will drop all of their Coins upon death instead of 50% / 75%.
  • Players gain an additional accessory slot that is only active while in a Master Mode world. This stacks with the Demon Heart, resulting in the maximum attainable slots to be 7.
  • Damage taken is reduced by 100% of the player's Defense value instead of 50% / 75%.

Master-exclusive items[edit | edit source]

  • Bosses drop "Master Mode"-exclusive items similarly to Expert Mode, but they also drop their Treasure Bag, which contains the Expert Mode-exclusive item/items of the boss. In Journey Mode, bosses killed while the difficulty slider is set to Master will drop Master Mode drops, regardless of what difficulty they were spawned at. Master Mode drops have a newly added rarity, 13*Rarity level: Fiery red. This rarity flashes between orange, yellow and red.
    • Bosses and mini-bosses have a 100% chance of dropping a Relic, a statue resembling the boss.
    • They also have a 25% chance of dropping an item which summons a pet, light pet, or mount that either resembles the boss or is closely themed after it.
    • Additionally, the Eye of Cthulhu has a 100% chance to drop 0x33's Aviators, which – prior to – could only be obtained by defeating Eye of Cthulhu in an Expert world with a Hardcore character.
Boss Summon Drop Summon Type Relic Drop
Pre-Hardmode King Slime Royal DelightRoyal DelightDesktop version Pet King Slime RelicKing Slime RelicDesktop version
Eye of Cthulhu Suspicious Grinning EyeSuspicious Grinning EyeDesktop version Pet Eye of Cthulhu RelicEye of Cthulhu RelicDesktop version
Eater of Worlds Writhing RemainsWrithing RemainsDesktop version Pet Eater of Worlds RelicEater of Worlds RelicDesktop version
Brain of Cthulhu Brain in a JarBrain in a JarDesktop version Pet Brain of Cthulhu RelicBrain of Cthulhu RelicDesktop version
Queen Bee Sparkling HoneySparkling HoneyDesktop version Pet Queen Bee RelicQueen Bee RelicDesktop version
Skeletron Possessed SkullPossessed SkullDesktop version Pet Skeletron RelicSkeletron RelicDesktop version
Wall of Flesh Goat SkullGoat SkullDesktop version Mount Wall of Flesh RelicWall of Flesh RelicDesktop version
Hardmode Queen Slime Regal DelicacyRegal DelicacyDesktop version Pet Queen Slime RelicQueen Slime RelicDesktop version
The Twins Pair of EyeballsPair of EyeballsDesktop version Pet Twins RelicTwins RelicDesktop version
The Destroyer Deactivated ProbeDeactivated ProbeDesktop version Pet Destroyer RelicDestroyer RelicDesktop version
Skeletron Prime Robotic SkullRobotic SkullDesktop version Pet Skeletron Prime RelicSkeletron Prime RelicDesktop version
Plantera Plantera SeedlingPlantera SeedlingDesktop version Pet Plantera RelicPlantera RelicDesktop version
Empress of Light Jewel of LightJewel of LightDesktop version Light Pet Empress of Light RelicEmpress of Light RelicDesktop version
Golem Guardian GolemGuardian GolemDesktop version Light Pet Golem RelicGolem RelicDesktop version
Duke Fishron Pork of the SeaPork of the SeaDesktop version Pet Duke Fishron RelicDuke Fishron RelicDesktop version
Lunatic Cultist Tablet FragmentTablet FragmentDesktop version Pet Lunatic Cultist RelicLunatic Cultist RelicDesktop version
Moon Lord Piece of Moon SquidPiece of Moon SquidDesktop version Pet Moon Lord RelicMoon Lord RelicDesktop version
Events Pumpking Pumpkin Scented CandlePumpkin Scented CandleDesktop version Light Pet Pumpking RelicPumpking RelicDesktop version
Mourning Wood Hexxed BranchHexxed BranchDesktop version Mount Mourning Wood RelicMourning Wood RelicDesktop version
Everscream Shrub StarShrub StarDesktop version Pet Everscream RelicEverscream RelicDesktop version
Santa-NK1 Toy TankToy TankDesktop version Mount Santa-NK1 RelicSanta-NK1 RelicDesktop version
Ice Queen Frozen CrownFrozen CrownDesktop version Pet Ice Queen RelicIce Queen RelicDesktop version
Dark Mage Dark Mage's TomeDark Mage's TomeDesktop version Mount Dark Mage RelicDark Mage RelicDesktop version
Ogre Ogre's ClubOgre's ClubDesktop version Pet Ogre RelicOgre RelicDesktop version
Betsy Betsy's EggBetsy's EggDesktop version Pet Betsy RelicBetsy RelicDesktop version
Flying Dutchman The Black SpotThe Black SpotDesktop version Mount Flying Dutchman RelicFlying Dutchman RelicDesktop version
Martian Saucer Cosmic SkateboardCosmic SkateboardDesktop version Pet Martian Saucer RelicMartian Saucer RelicDesktop version

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Master Mode's descriptive text "Game over man, game over!", is a quote from the 1986 American Sci-fi/Horror film Aliens.
  • The text for a Master Mode world is red while Journey Mode is pink, Classic is white, and Expert is orange.
  • Master Mode was originally intended to be unlocked by beating Expert Mode, but it was later decided that it would be made available to all players.

History[edit | edit source]

  1. Information taken from the Desktop version Desktop source code, function AddBuff_DetermineBuffTimeToAdd() in Terraria.Player.cs