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Map Icon Mechanic.png
Map Icon
Classic mode icon.png Classic
Expert mode icon.png Expert
Master mode icon.png Master
AI TypePassive AI
Damage111619 (combat wrench) [1]
Max Life250
KB Resist50%

The Mechanic is an NPC who sells various mechanisms, as well as Wire Cutters and Wrenches, allowing the player to construct and activate wired devices like traps and critter engines. She can be found in the Dungeon after killing Skeletron, where she spawns randomly as the stationary Bound Mechanic, similar to the Goblin Tinkerer, Stylist, Tavernkeep, and Wizard. Talking to her will free her, after which she will respawn as long as a vacant house is available, even if killed.

On the Desktop version Desktop version, Console version Console version, and Mobile version Mobile version, the Mechanic will attack nearby enemies by throwing her Combat Wrench like a boomerang to defend herself, dealing 11 / 16 / 19 damage at the start of the game, and (on the Desktop version Desktop version) as players progress she will gain various stat increases.[1] Also on Desktop version Desktop, she may also drop this weapon upon death.

The Bound Mechanic is one of the few entities that can be detected by the Lifeform AnalyzerDesktop, Console, and Mobile Versions.

Items sold[edit | edit source]

Note: All item prices can be decreased by equipping a Discount Card or Greedy RingDesktop, Console, and Mobile Versions. On the Desktop version Desktop version, prices can also be higher or lower based on the NPC's happiness level.
Item Cost Availability

Red WrenchRed Wrench 20000*2 Always available.
Blue WrenchBlue Wrench 20000*2 Always available.
Green WrenchGreen Wrench 20000*2 Always available.
Yellow WrenchYellow WrenchDesktop VersionConsole Version 20000*2 Always available.
Wire CutterWire Cutter 20000*2 Always available.
WireWire 500*5 Always available.
LeverLever 3000*30 Always available.
SwitchSwitch 2000*20 Always available.
Red Pressure PlateRed Pressure Plate 5000*50 Always available.
Green Pressure PlateGreen Pressure Plate 5000*50 Always available.
Gray Pressure PlateGray Pressure Plate 5000*50 Always available.
Brown Pressure PlateBrown Pressure Plate 5000*50 Always available.
Blue Pressure PlateBlue Pressure Plate 5000*50 Always available.
Yellow Pressure PlateYellow Pressure Plate 5000*50 Always available.
Orange Pressure PlateOrange Pressure PlateDesktop Version 5000*50 Always available.
Teal Pressure PadTeal Pressure PadDesktop VersionConsole Version 20000*2 Always available.
Booster TrackBooster Track 5000*50 Always available.
ActuatorActuator 1000*10 Always available.
Junction BoxJunction BoxDesktop VersionConsole Version 200*2 Always available.
Mechanical RulerMechanical RulerDesktop, Console, and Mobile Versions 10000*1 Always available.
Mechanical LensMechanical LensDesktop VersionConsole Version 10000*1 Always available.
Engineering HelmetEngineering HelmetDesktop VersionConsole Version 10000*1 Always available.
Wire BulbWire BulbDesktop VersionConsole Version 50000*5 Always available.
Mechanic's RodMechanic's Rod 200000*20 During Waning Crescent, when the Angler is present, in Hardmode.
1 Second Timer1 Second Timer 50*50 Always available. 3DS Version
3 Second Timer3 Second Timer 50*50 Always available. 3DS Version
5 Second Timer5 Second Timer 50*50 Always available. 3DS Version
1/2 Second Timer1/2 Second TimerDesktop Version 20000*2 Always available.
1/4 Second Timer1/4 Second TimerDesktop Version 20000*2 Always available.
Any PylonAny PylonDesktop Version 100000*10 When in a specific biome and is happy enough.

Living preferences Desktop Version[edit | edit source]


For more information, see NPC happiness.

Names[edit | edit source]

The Mechanic may have any of the following names:

  • Amy
  • Autumn
  • Brooke
  • Dawn
  • Ella
  • Ellen
  • Ginger
  • Jenny
  • Kayla
  • Korrie
  • Lauren
  • Marshanna
  • Meredith
  • Nancy
  • Sally
  • Selah
  • Selene
  • Shayna
  • Sheena
  • Shirlena
  • Sophia
  • Susana
  • Terra
  • Trisha

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Interaction quotes[edit | edit source]

    • "Always buy more wire than you need!"
    • "Did you make sure your device was plugged in?" (Possibly a reference to "The IT Crowd", or a general statement made by many people in IT about "malfunctioning" devices.)
    • "Oh, you know what this house needs? More blinking lights."

    When Goblin Tinkerer is present:

    • "Hey, <Name of Player>, did you just come from <Name of Goblin Tinkerer>'s? Did he say anything about me by chance?

    When Arms Dealer is present:

    • "<Name of Arms Dealer> keeps talking about pressing my pressure plate. I told him it was for stepping on."

    When TavernkeepDesktop VersionConsole Version is present:

    • "<Name of Tavernkeep> offered me a Root Beer, I told him to give it to me in a square cup." (Reference to a math joke; mathematical squares and roots cancel each other out, therefore the result is simply beer.)

    When found in Dungeon:

    • "Thanks! It was just a matter of time before I ended up like the rest of the skeletons down here."

    When homeless:

    • "Hey, watch where you're going! I was over there a little while ago!"
    • "Hold on, I've almost got wifi going down here."
    • "But I was almost done putting blinking lights up here!"
    • "DON'T MOVE. I DROPPED MY CONTACT." (A pun on "contact", a device that an electrical current passes through, and "contact lens")

    During Blood Moon:

    • "All I want is for the switch to make the... What?!"
    • "Oh, let me guess. Didn't buy enough wire. Idiot."
    • "Just-could you just... Please? Ok? Ok. Ugh." (Possibly a reference to "How I Met Your Mother")
    • "I don't appreciate the way you're looking at me. I am WORKING right now."

    During a PartyDesktop VersionConsole Version:

    • "Do you think anyone would mind if I wired a cake with bulbs instead of candles?"

    During a Windy DayDesktop Version:

    • "My wires are getting tangled in this cyclone. Watch where you step!"
    • "Oh no! There are pockets of low pressure rolling in, I must secure the power grid."

    During Rain:

    • "Oh Fudge! Shorted out another outlet! I hate this weather."
    • "If it doesn't stop raining, my wrench is going to get all rusty!"

    During a ThunderstormDesktop Version:

    • "Great! There goes another pump. When will the lightning stop frying my equipment?!"
    • "Don't go outside right now while holding any of my products, you'll attract an unwanted dose of electrical power!"

    When in a GraveyardDesktop Version:

    • "I should light up this dark and scary place to keep the monsters away."
    • "I'd run some wire here, but the spooky dead things are in the way!"
  • Happiness quotes Desktop Version[edit | edit source]

  • When homeless:

    • "I need some sort of structure to run these wires through."

    When far from home:

    • "Oh, it seems I’m out of signal range! Hmm."

    When in a sparse area:

    • "Perfect, no one is in the way for building infrastructure."

    When overcrowded:

    • "The flickering lights are bothering me. Is there a load on the grid?"
    • "I’m going to need a way bigger power source for THIS MANY people, I hate it!"

    When in the Snow biome:

    • "I like the Snow, machines don't overheat here, and the energy flow is efficient."

    When in the Underground:

    • "I don't like the Underground, it reminds me of a traumatic experience!"

    When in an Evil Biome or the Dungeon:

    • "I feel extremely uncomfortable in the Corruption/Crimson/Dungeon, as if creeping eyes are always watching me."

    When near the Goblin Tinkerer:

    • "Umm... [Name of Goblin Tinkerer] the Goblin Tinkerer makes my heart flutter, I need to get that checked!"

    When near the Cyborg:

    • "I feel like I understand <Name of Cyborg> better than anyone else."

    When near the Arms Dealer:

    • "I really don't like that [Name of Arms Dealer] the Arms Dealer won't leave me alone!"

    When near the Clothier:

    • "I hate how [Name of Clothier] the Clothier doesn't know how to treat a woman!" (Reference to the Clothier leaving her in the Dungeon)

    When neutral:

    • "Everything’s working correctly - oh, me? Yeah I’m fine!"
  • Notes[edit | edit source]

    • Although the topmost corridors of the Dungeon may be accessible prior to defeating Skeletron, the Mechanic will only be found below zero depth. Therefore, encountering her always requires defeating Skeletron, because the Dungeon Guardians spawning below zero depth will override all dungeon spawns.

    Trivia[edit | edit source]

    Mechanic (Party).png
    The Mechanic during a Party
    • There appears to be conflict between the Mechanic and Nurse during a Blood Moon. During this time, the Merchant has a chance of saying, "Oh, great. I can hear <name of Mechanic> and <name of Nurse> arguing from here."
    • The Mechanic has a crush on the Goblin Tinkerer, as referenced by her quotes, and judging by some of the Goblin Tinkerer's quotes, he has a crush right back.
      • This is also proven by her happiness quote, "Umm... <Name of Goblin Tinkerer> the Goblin Tinkerer makes my heart flutter, I need to get that checked!"
    • Rarely, the Nurse and Mechanic can both have the same name, either Kayla or Amy. This can cause the Merchant to say on a Blood Moon, "Oh, great. I can hear Kayla/Amy and Kayla/Amy arguing from here."
    • The line, "<name of Arms Dealer> keeps talking about pressing my pressure plate. I told him it was for stepping on." is a vague sexual reference. The Arms Dealer is apparently hitting on the Mechanic, using innuendo, but she doesn't get the euphemism and takes his comment literally.
      • This might be the reason of the conflict between the Nurse and the Mechanic, since the Nurse has a crush on the Arms Dealer.
    • During a party, when the Mechanic dons a party hat, her hairstyle is different: she wears it down instead of up in a bun. This makes sense as wearing a party hat while having hair in a bun would be cumbersome.
    • Her ability to throw her wrench like a boomerang to defend herself may be a reference to Ratchet from the Ratchet & Clank games, who can do the same move.
    • Some of her names, "Autumn", "Dawn" and "Ginger" are references to the color orange and thus to her red hair.
    • Official Terraria Lore – According to the official game lore, the Mechanic was being forced to rebuild Cthulhu piece by piece by the Cultists. This is most likely the origin of the mechanical bosses.
    • The Mechanic hates the Clothier, most likely because he was the one who tied her up and left her in the Dungeon, as referenced by one of his quotes.
      • Although she and the Clothier have a mutual hatred for each other, they do not appear to know why, as she only vaguely mentions that he "doesn't know how to treat a woman", while the Clothier cannot remember leaving her in the Dungeon, possibly due to curse being lifted.
      • Her dislike of the Underground due to "a traumatic experience" likely refers to this incident as well.
    • The BestiaryBestiary entry for the Mechanic: "The Mechanic was imprisoned for her aptitude in engineering. She sells wiring and tools for putting together anything imaginable."

    History[edit | edit source]

    References[edit | edit source]

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