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Lua logo.svgThis is the documentation page for Module:Exclusive.

This module manages everything {{exclusive}}-related.

The three invokable functions are getInfo, a general exclusivity function which stores information to dplvars, eicons, which provides the functionality of {{eicons}}, and simpleEicons, a helper function to be used in other modules like Module:Item.

Important Note for Porting[edit source]

When porting {{exclusive}}-related templates/modules to separate language wikis, you might not want to use a cargo-based cache system like on the English wiki.

Please take the following steps in order to use a non-cargo cache system:

  1. Do not directly port Module:Exclusive/data from the en wiki. Instead, head to Template:Exclusive/luadata (en), copy the generated code from that page, and put it as source code of Module:Exclusive/data on the target language's wiki. Note that this process will need to be repeated in the future in order to keep the language wiki's exclusivity database up-to-date.
  2. Make sure that the l10n auto translation switch for the target language in Template:Exclusive/Template:Eil/Template:Eicons/Template:Eversions is set to false (false is the default value for non-English languages).
  3. Make sure that the l10n cargo switch for the target language in Template:Exclusive (at the beginning) is set to false.