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Desktop versionConsole versionMobile version Desktop/Console/Mobile-Only Content: This information applies only to the Desktop, Console, and Mobile versions of Terraria.
Moon Lord
Moon Lord.png
Map Icon Moon Lord.png
Map Icon
Classic mode icon.png Classic
Expert mode icon.png Expert
Master mode icon.png Master
AI TypeMoon Lord AI
Damage(Varies per attack)
Max Life145000217500277311 (total)
Defense(Varies per part)
KB Resist100%
Immune toConfused
Inflicts debuff
DebuffMoon BiteMoon Bite
Debuff tooltipYou are unable to absorb healing effects
Duration14 seconds16 seconds

Moon Lord Trophy.png"Impending doom approaches..."Moon Lord Trophy.png

The Moon Lord is a Hardmode, post-Lunatic Cultist boss. It is the final boss of the Desktop version Desktop, Console version Console, and Mobile version Mobile versions of Terraria.

The Moon Lord can be spawned by destroying the four Celestial Pillars or by using a Celestial Sigil in any world where Golem has been defeated. In both cases, it will then spawn one minute after the message "Impending doom approaches..." appears.

See below for the Moon Bite debuff inflicted by Moon Lord.

While the Moon Lord is alive, its exclusive music Moon Lord will play. When Otherworldly music Desktop and Mobile versions is enabled, the track Lunar Boss (Otherworldly) will play instead.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

The Moon Lord has two hands and a head that must be killed before its core becomes available for attack. It positions its two hands on either side of the player some distance away.

Each hand, as well as its head, contains a vulnerable eye-like target that is each periodically closed off and opened via an eyelid. These may only be damaged during their "open" states. The core, which is the only part required to be destroyed in order to defeat the boss, only becomes vulnerable when all eye sockets are destroyed.

Moon Lord can teleport to players if all of them get too far out of range.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

  • The Moon Lord's hands move away from the core and their eyes spawn several Phantasmal SpherePhantasmal Spheres. After a couple seconds, they explode, dealing heavy damage. If the player is far enough away, they simultaneously charge the player before exploding, though they cannot travel at an angle higher than approximately 30 degrees in any direction.
  • The hand eyes also spawn multiple Phantasmal EyePhantasmal Eyes, which move in all directions for a short while before homing in on the player. Like the Phantasmal Spheres, they cannot travel at an upward angle, so they can be evaded by swerving upwards. If they cannot get a direct lock and a player is in range then they will attempt to match the target's trajectory to stay in their path. They explode upon contact with a block or player.
  • The hand eyes also occasionally fire two Phantasmal BoltPhantasmal Bolts in quick succession, which pass through blocks and lead the player, requiring swerves to avoid.
  • When attached to the Moon Lord's head, the head eye opens every 20–21 seconds for a few seconds, and then fires a Phantasmal DeathrayPhantasmal Deathray: a large laser that sweeps upward over the player. This is by far Moon Lord's most damaging attack. Afterward, the head eye blinks a couple times, and fires two Phantasmal BoltPhantasmal Bolts (similarly to those of the hands), and then closes. Desktop and Mobile versions As of 1.4, the Head eye will also fire two Phantasmal BoltPhantasmal Bolts before performing the Deathray attack, and the Deathray can pass through solid blocks that block it from the player.
  • After the Deathray attack, the mouth attempts to attach a Tentacle to the player. The Tentacle can reach through solid blocks. Once attached, it spawns multiple Moon Leech ClotMoon Leech Clots, which are enemies that travel from the player to Moon Lord's mouth. Any Moon Leech Clot that reaches the mouth without being killed returns 1000 health to one of Moon Lord's parts (one that has not yet been defeated).
    • The Tentacle also inflicts the Moon Bite debuff, preventing any life-steal effects from weapons/armor like Vampire Knives or Spectre Armor for 14 seconds (16 seconds in Expert Mode).
    • Once the Head eye is defeated, the Tentacle attack becomes more common, with only about a 2 second break between attacks.
  • When a hand or head target is defeated, it becomes a thorny crevice that deals damage on contact.
  • Additionally, when a head or hand target is defeated, a True Eye of CthulhuTrue Eye of Cthulhu spawns, which cycles through the following attacks:
    • The eye fires two Phantasmal BoltPhantasmal Bolts at the player, similar to those from the hand eyes.
    • The eye spawns six Phantasmal SpherePhantasmal Spheres in a hexagonal formation around itself, which after a few seconds will charge directly at the player, dealing a significant amount of damage to the player. This is by far the dominant source of damage in the second phase and should be avoided by swerving/dashing.
    • The eye spawns Phantasmal EyePhantasmal Eyes, which behave similarly to when before the eyes were defeated.
    • The eye charges and fires a lesser Phantasmal DeathrayPhantasmal Deathray, smaller and dealing significantly less damage. This can pass through solid blocks.
    • Finally, the eye performs another Phantasmal SpherePhantasmal Sphere attack.
    • The True Eyes of Cthulhu are invincible and will only despawn if either all players die or Moon Lord is defeated. The eyes remain stationary for most of their attacks.
    • The Moon Lord will teleport to the nearest player if the player it is targeting dies or moves too far away.

Parts[edit | edit source]

Moon Lord
Moon Lord's Head.gif
Classic mode icon.png Classic
Expert mode icon.png Expert
Master mode icon.png Master
Boss Part
AI TypeMoon Lord Head AI
Damage0 (contact)
150300450 (Phantasmal Deathray)
60120180 (Phantasmal Bolt) [3]
Max Life45000/67500/86062
KB Resist100%
Immune toConfused
Moon Lord's Hand
Moon Lord's Hand.gif
Classic mode icon.png Classic
Expert mode icon.png Expert
Master mode icon.png Master
Boss Part
AI TypeMoon Lord Hand AI
Damage0 (contact)
80 (contact) (open eye socket)
100200300 (Phantasmal Sphere)
60120180 (Phantasmal Eye)
60120180 (Phantasmal Bolt) [2]
Max Life25000/37500/47812
KB Resist100%
Immune toConfused
Moon Lord's Core
Moon Lord's Core.gif
Classic mode icon.png Classic
Expert mode icon.png Expert
Master mode icon.png Master
Boss Part
AI TypeMoon Lord Core AI
Max Life50000/75000/95625
KB Resist100%
Immune toConfused

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

After defeating the Moon Lord, the Credits will appear while the song Journey's End plays. Besides its other loot, the Moon Lord always drops Luminite, allowing the crafting of end-game materials.


Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Moon Lord can be summoned with a Celestial Sigil before defeating the Lunatic Cultist in any world where Golem has been defeated.
  • Some of Moon Lord's attacks can be avoided using the 200 NPC limit.
  • If the player leaves the world after the message "Impending doom approaches...", the Moon Lord will not spawn.
    • This could be useful for players who are not ready or willing to fight the Moon Lord yet and/or if they do not have enough Lunar Fragments to use.
  • If the player escapes from the Moon Lord, it will teleport to the player. Teleporting home to get healing from the Nurse might result in her death.
  • Every NPC takes reduced damage from the Moon Lord, especially the Nurse. They only take 20-35/40-60 damage for other NPCs and 10-30/25-45 for the Nurse, and for all of them 100-130/125-180 for the Phantasmal Deathray attack. However, this changes in Moon Lord's second form, as the True Eyes of Cthulhu deal around 45-85/60-105.
    • In Multiplayer, Moon Lord will attack the nearest player. Players can take turns teleporting home to get healing from the Nurse.
  • While the Moon Lord is on screen, the sky will turn dark and the world will appear hazy and shadowy with blur effects. In Multiplayer, this only happens if the player is within 130 blocks of the Moon Lord.
  • In Expert Mode, the Treasure Bag will not drop a Portal Gun if the player opening it already has a Portal Gun in their inventory. However, it will always drop it in normal mode.
  • Console Version If Moon Lord uses Phantasmal Deathray, it will still be used if its head is defeated until finished.
  • The Celebration is replaced by the Celebration Mk2 on the Desktop version Desktop version and Mobile version Mobile version.
  • Console Version If all players die during the Moon Lord's death animation, it will despawn and drop nothing.
    • The Moon Lord's eye sockets still deal contact damage during that period. It is wise to move away from the boss after it is defeated.
  • The Moon Lord actually appears behind all blocks and walls, similar to a background object.

Tips[edit | edit source]

For more elaborate strategies on defeating Moon Lord, including weapon and arena recommendations, see Guide:Moon Lord strategies.
  • Making a suitable box with Nurse and an U-shape filled with Honey is one of the best methods to kill Moon Lord. Fight with piercing weapon, such as Solar Eruption.
  • Desktop and Mobile versions In Journey Mode, fighting the Moon Lord in a low difficulty, then changing the difficulty during the exploding animation will still give the player the rewards of the new difficulty.
  • With the Gravitation Potion, you can move fast enough vertically to avoid most of its attacks, but it might be difficult to aim without homing weapons.
  • Console Version Hiding under a row of blocks while using a weapon that can attack through blocks, such as the Solar Eruption, can nullify the Moon Lord's Phantasmal Deathray. Two rows of blocks can be quite effective. The player should make sure that the barrier has horizontal running room, in order to make space to dodge the Phantasmal Spheres.
  • The Moon Lord is vulnerable to Ichor and Betsy's Curse, which can dramatically speed up the fight. However, since Eyes remove all debuffs when they close, the player will have to reapply debuffs accordingly.
  • The Moon Bite debuff, which prevents life-steal abilities, is reliant on a tentacle making contact with the player. It is possible to move outside of its maximum range, avoiding the debuff and allowing effects to once again heal the player. However, hitting the boss becomes harder when doing this.
  • It is advisable to kill the eye on the head first. It is the only eye capable of firing the Phantasmal Deathray and remains closed for significantly longer than the eyes in the hands. If the player waits to kill the head last, they may have to deal with two True Eyes of Cthulhu for a longer amount of time.
  • Since the hands will start dealing melee damage after they are defeated, running away on an asphalt skybridge will become an issue if the player is not properly prepared to dodge the hands.
  • The frequently-applied Moon Bite debuff disables the healing effects of Vampire Knives and the Spectre Hood, making it not recommended to use them. If the player chooses to do so regardless, they can keep an eye on the debuff's timer and switch to healing quickly when it runs out.
    • Moon Bite does not disable health regeneration boosts, so the effects of Nebula armor and the Life Drain are not affected.
    • Using the Gelatinous Pillion is effective in avoiding the Tentacle, as the mount dramatically increases vertical movement speed, making lifesteal effective if you manage to outrun the Tentacle.
  • You can use a Minecart Track skybridge going across your world to help avoid attacks. Moon Lord will still try teleporting to you, but its attacks cannot catch up. The Mechanical Cart is the fastest way to move along the tracks.
  • Owning a Rod of Discord can be greatly helpful, as it can be used to easily evade Phantasmal Death Rays. Be cautious, however, using the rod with Chaos State can kill or greatly damage the player.
  • The Cosmic Car Key, Witch's Broom, or Mobile version The Black Spot mounts can provide a huge advantage, as they make avoiding its attacks easier than on the ground and also travel slightly faster than the Moon Lord.
  • It is a good idea to use Chlorophyte Bullets or other homing weapons, as it allows the player to focus on dodging without needing to aim.
  • The Cute Fishron is capable of outrunning the Moon Lord with its speed bonus (the player must be under half health, have recently touched a liquid, or it must be raining (Desktop and Mobile versions)). Keep in mind that going too far from the Moon Lord will cause it to instantly teleport to the player's location.
    • The Cute Fishron's speed bonus can be activated consistently if the player makes an arena completely filled with water or bubble blocks containing water.
  • The Phantasmal Deathray can be dodged more easily when using a set of wings with high ascent speed such as Fishron Wings or Empress Wings, as well as an item that enables dashing such as the Tabi.
    • This can be further amplified with the Soaring Insignia, which gives infinite flight time.
  • The Moon Lord's attacks bypass typical invincibility frames, requiring special setups to bypass its attacks.
  • Moon Leech Clots will always reach the Moon Lord's mouth in the same amount of time. They travel toward it at a variable rate, remaining completely stationary (or at least apparently so) if the Moon Lord is in its default position behind the player. As a result of this, though it may seem counterintuitive, it is actually beneficial to be closer to the mouth to destroy Moon Leech Clots, as they will not move away as quickly

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Despite a mid-development comment by Cenx that this would not be the case, Moon Lord resembles common depictions of Cthulhu, a creature first imagined by H. P. Lovecraft in his story, The Call of Cthulhu. Fans commonly speculated prior to the release of 1.3 that Cthulhu would be the final Terraria boss (which in turn arose partly due to an early concept design floated by the development team).
  • Terraria's final boss was originally going to be the Moon itself descending on the world, but Cenx later stated that this idea had been scrapped.[4][5]
  • Due to the colors of the boss and the names of a few of its projectiles, this boss may have been inspired by the Vortex Pillar.
  • Despite being the final boss, Moon Lord has the lowest amount of debuff immunities, being immune only to Confused.
  • Official Terraria Lore – According to the official game lore, though it was initially theorized (and joked by staff) that Moon Lord was Cthulhu's brother, it appears that it is Cthulhu itself, or at least is what it implies. This entity was detrimental to existence, and was finally banished by the Dryads, an ancient race of who the Dryad NPC is the only survivor, ripped out his organs and banished it to the moon. It further appears that the Celestial Events and its eventual battle are its final attempt at total conquest, as stated directly.
  • NPCs cannot attack the Moon Lord.
  • According to Cenx, spriting the Moon Lord took over a month.[6]
  • The Moon Lord is the only boss with a unique death animation sequence.
  • Redigit has stated that, if 10,000 signatures and 15 dollars are gathered, he would make the lower half of the Moon Lord a boss. However, the validity of this statement is questionable as both criteria have since been met.
    • In the and Mobile versions update, the Moon Lord Legs item is obtainable by making a new world with the seed "05162020" and finding it in chests as random chest loot. Surprisingly, the said item is not a boss.[7]
  • The Moon Lord seems to share some mechanics of two bosses in pre-Hardmode including Skeletron, having multiple parts that each are destroyable, and the Brain of Cthulhu, requiring you to defeat separate parts before truly damaging the boss.
  • When one of Moonlord's hands are "defeated", a enemy called True Eye of Cthulhu spawns. It's name may imply that the Eye of Cthulhu is not a actual Cthulhu organ, despite of it being confirmed to be.
  • The Moon Lord is one of 6 bosses with exclusive music, the others being the Queen Bee, Queen Slime, Empress of Light, Plantera, and Duke Fishron.
  • Desktop and Mobile versions It is the only boss that drops 3 Expert-mode exclusive items in its Treasure Bag.
  • Desktop and Mobile versions The Moon Lord drops the most coins of any boss, and overall any enemy, in the game.
    • In Expert Mode and Master Mode, its coin drops are higher than the total coin drops of all the Hardmode bosses in the game.
  • Desktop version While fighting the Moon Lord, an eye appears on RGB-enabled keyboards.
  • According to a post by Redigit on the Terraria Discord Server, the Moon Lord is the father of the Guide NPC, it is unknown whether this is to be considered official lore.[8]
  • If you use mods or hacks to summon in one body part of the Moon Lord, Boss 1 plays instead of the official Moon Lord track. You need autopause for this to work.
  • While the Moon Lord is spawning, music volume is decreased.
  • The BestiaryBestiary entry for the Moon Lord: "The mastermind behind all terrors which befall the world, freed from his lunar prison. Practically a god, his power knows no limits."

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Achievement Champion of Terraria.png
Champion of Terraria • “Defeat the Moon Lord.”
Defeat the Moon Lord for the first time. Desktop, Console, and Mobile versions
Achievement Slayer of Worlds.png
Slayer of Worlds • “Defeat every boss in Terraria.”
Defeat every boss in the game (not including Empress of Light and Queen Slime). Desktop, Console, and Mobile versions

History[edit | edit source]

  • Desktop
    • The Moon Lord will now teleport to the player once they are far enough away.
    • Body parts now properly show display names.
    • Cultists now cannot respawn while Moon Lord is alive or spawning.
  • Desktop
    • The Moon Lord's leeching effect has been massively buffed.
    • Added the Moon Bite debuff, which prevents any healing from weapons.
  • Desktop The death message now properly displays "Moon Lord has been defeated!", instead of "Moon Lord Core has been defeated!".

References[edit | edit source]

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