Mourning Wood

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Mourning Wood
Mourning Wood.png
Type Boss
Environment Pumpkin Moon
AI Type Mourning Wood AI
Damage 120 / 180 Desktop VersionConsole Version (melee)
100-150 / 200-300 Desktop VersionConsole Version (flaming wood)
80 / 160 Desktop VersionConsole Version (greek fire)
Max Life 12000 / 15600 Desktop VersionConsole Version
Defense 28
KB Resist 100%
Immune to: All debuffs
Coins Gold Coin
Item (Quantity) Rate
Spooky Wood.png
Spooky Wood 
• 30-50
Cursed Sapling.png
Spooky Twig.png
Spooky Hook.png
Necromantic Scroll.png
Stake Launcher.png
• 30-60
Ammo for Stake Launcher
Drop rate reduced on the 3DS version 3DS version
Mourning Wood Trophy.png
Mourning Wood Trophy 
• Wave 15 only
* (Wave 10-15 in Expert mode)

Map Icon Mourning Wood.png
Map Icon
Internal NPC ID: 325

Mourning Wood is a Hardmode mini-Boss that spawns during the Pumpkin Moon Event. The boss is a living tree form that resembles a jack-o-lantern.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

Mourning Wood alternates between two attacks:

  • Fires a volley of "Flaming Wood" (flaming spikes) at the player. These pass through blocks.
  • Fires a jet of "Greek Fire" (sparkling flames). These do not pass through blocks. They are affected by gravity and remain on the ground for a while, doing damage to players that touch them.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Drop chance increases linearly with the wave it is in (lowest drop chance in wave 4, highest drop chance in wave 15). In wave 15 it will also drop a Trophy and other loot.
  • Mourning Wood can initially pass through blocks when it spawns within them, floating towards the player until it reaches an open area. It resembles a Wraith's behavior. Otherwise it walks on surfaces and cannot jump.
  • They do not despawn after killing all available players (however they do on the 3DS Version).
  • In the mobile version, Mourning Wood will not despawn or run away when it is on screen.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Pay attention to when a Mourning Wood stops walking. This means it's going to attack. These attack could either be “Greek Fire” or ”Flaming Wood”.
  • It is advisable to not enter a small room while fighting a Mourning Wood because its "flaming spike" attack can go through walls.
  • Mourning Wood's "Greek Fire" attacks cannot pass through water, therefore submerging Mourning Wood at least halfway up is an easier way to defeat him. Note the "flaming wood" attacks DO pass through water.
  • Mourning Wood can be defeated with relative ease by aiming the North Pole above it so it gets hit by several of its snowflake projectiles. This strategy can also be applied with less efficiency to Everscream.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Mourning is the grief over someone's death, and fits in well with the Halloween theme of the Pumpkin Moon.

History[edit | edit source]

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