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Mushroom biome

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A player-created surface mushroom biome.
The underground mushroom biome.

A Mushroom biome is a Biome consisting of Mushroom Grass on Mud blocks, where Glowing Mushrooms grow, and dangerous enemies spawn. Giant Glowing Mushrooms can grow to significant heights if room is allowed for them to grow, and will regenerate if chopped down. Most elements of a Mushroom biome emit a faint glow, including its Mushrooms, Grass, and Giant Glowing Mushrooms, along with some of its enemies. The Truffle NPC requires a house in a Surface (above-ground) Mushroom biome.

100 tiles of Mushroom Grass are required for a full Mushroom Biome.

Surface Mushroom Biomes do not generate naturally; they must be created by the player. The sun is removed from Mushroom biomes, making the light level as low as it is at night, even during daytime hours. Their background depicts towering mushrooms. Surface Mushroom biomes can be created by planting Mushroom Grass Seeds in Mud. The Dryad sells Mushroom Grass Seeds if her house resides in a Mushroom biome, or they can drop randomly from harvesting Glowing Mushrooms. In Hardmode, the Clentaminator can also create a Mushroom biome via Dark Blue Solution.

Underground Mushroom Biomes are found naturally, randomly generating on world creation anywhere below 0 depth. However, they can also be created by players. They generally consist of a large cavity with Mud platforms. The default cavern enemies will spawn here, and in Hardmode, more difficult unique enemies spawn. Its background shows numerous small mushrooms. Giant mushrooms will also grow here if there is enough vertical space, though unlike giant mushrooms on the surface, they typically appear without branches.

Contents[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

Surface Mushroom Biome during a Blood Moon.
  • 100 tiles of Mushroom Grass are required for a permanent Mushroom Biome. The biome can form with just 50 tiles of grass, as the Glowing Mushrooms themselves also contribute to the formation of the biome, but the mushrooms are fragile and such a biome will vanish if any are cut.
    • Harvested Glowing Mushrooms which are placed as blocks do *not* count towards establishing a biome, nor do Mushroom Walls or mushroom furniture.
  • The enemies associated with the Mushroom Biome will spawn anywhere there is glowing mushroom grass, regardless of how much there is.
  • The moon will always be red in an above-ground Mushroom Biome, similar to a Blood Moon.
  • Mushroom Grass is immune to the Corruption, while the interior Mud Blocks are not.
  • Desktop VersionConsole Version Due to the red tint of the Blood Moon, Surface Glowing Mushroom Biomes appear pinkish purple when one occurs.
  • Underground Glowing Mushroom Biomes will glow brighter if the player is near the "center" of the biome.
  • Use of the Clentaminator with Green Solution on a Mushroom biome converts it to a Jungle biome, which is very handy to know because of the fact that in Hardmode, the Jungle often becomes a victim of the Crimson or Corruption.
  • The Mushroom Zombie also drops a Spore Zombie BannerSpore Zombie Banner. It does not have its own banner.
  • Underground mushroom biomes do not spawn within underground snow or desert biomes.
  • The Funkytown acheivement may be obtainable by using a Magic Mirror, Ice Mirror, or Cell Phone while in an already existing Underground Mushroom biome. This may be caused by lag.
  • Caution should be taken when creating an above-ground mushroom biome in pre-hardmode, as the enemies spawned are unusually powerful.

Achievement[edit | edit source]

Achievement Funkytown.png
Funkytown • "Build or encounter a glowing mushroom field above the surface."
Encounter an above-ground Mushroom Biome. Desktop VersionConsole Version

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • A sample from Super Mario World is used in the background music for the Surface Mushroom Biome

History[edit | edit source]

  • Desktop 1.2: Glowing Mushrooms were given their own biome (including music, background, spawns, etc.) as well as the ability to be cultivated on the surface (above 0 feet).