Nettle Burst

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Nettle Burst
  • Nettle Burst item sprite
Stack digit 1.png
Damage28 Desktop VersionConsole VersionMobile Version / 25 Old-gen console version3DS VersionMagic
Knockback1 (Extremely Weak)
Critical chance4%
Use time25 Fast
TooltipSummons a thorn spear
RarityRarity level: 7
Sell40000*4 Gold Coin.png
Projectile created
  • Nettle Burst Right
    Nettle Burst Right
  • Nettle Burst Left
    Nettle Burst Left
  • Nettle Burst End
    Nettle Burst End
The Nettle Burst in action

The Nettle Burst is a Hardmode magic weapon that fires a 24 tile-long snaking vine projection that lingers for several seconds, traveling through blocks and infinitely piercing enemies. It is a late Hardmode upgrade of the Vilethorn and Crystal Vile Shard, having a 14.29% chance to be dropped by Plantera.

The Nettle Burst scores a rapid succession of up to 9 hits on enemies (compared to the Vilethorn's 7 hits). Each hit delivers the weapon's full 28 damage, for a possible total of 252 damage inflicted on any enemy that remains in its affected area for its full duration. Including critical hits without accessories, the average damage would be around 340.

Like the Vilethorn, the Nettle Burst produces minuscule knockback for each of its rapid hits. This tends to have the effect of nearly freezing enemies in place for the duration of each swing. Enemies that are immune to knockback do not have their movement impeded.

Its best modifier is Mythical.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Its ability to pass through solid blocks and pierce unlimited enemies allows players to wall themselves off from most threats and still deal damage, or hit worm type enemies while they are inside walls. Its infinite piercing property is also useful against enemies with multiple parts or minions, such as The Destroyer.
  • Compared to the Vilethorn, the Nettle Burst deals a little over twice damage, affects an area twice as long, lingers for a slightly longer period, and has a slightly faster use time. Due to the way defense and damage reduction works, however, this doubling in damage results in significantly more damage against Hardmode enemies that would otherwise reduce Vilethorn damage to 1.

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