Obsidian Skull

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Obsidian Skull
Stack digit 1.png
Obsidian Skull inventory icon
Type AccessoryCrafting material
Defense 1
Tooltip Grants immunity to fire blocks
Rarity Rarity Level: 2
Sell 54 Silver Coin
Internal Item ID: 193

The Obsidian Skull is an accessory that grants immunity to the burning damage normally inflicted by contact with Meteorite and Hellstone. It does not grant immunity to lava or other fire-based attacks. It additionally provides 1 defense.

Meteorite and Hellstone can be mined without Obsidian protection, as you only take damage when touching them in their placed block form; they can be mined from a distance without this immunity. However, this item makes the process much easier.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Crafting Station
Furnace.png Furnace
Ingredient(s) Amount
Obsidian.png Obsidian 20
Obsidian Skull.png Obsidian Skull 1

Used in[edit | edit source]

Result IngredientsCrafting Station
Obsidian Horseshoe.png Lucky Horseshoe.pngLucky Horseshoe Tinkerer's Workshop.png Tinkerer's Workshop
Obsidian Skull.pngObsidian Skull
Obsidian Shield.png Cobalt Shield.pngCobalt Shield
Obsidian Skull.pngObsidian Skull
Obsidian Water Walking Boots.png Water Walking Boots.pngWater Walking Boots
Obsidian Skull.pngObsidian Skull

Tips[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

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