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Mobile version3DS version Mobile/3DS-Only Content: This information applies only to the Mobile and 3DS versions of Terraria.

Oktoberfest is a seasonal event that lasts from September 27th through October 31st. During the event, some NPCs sell unique items based on real-life Oktoberfest traditions. During Oktoberfest, Pumpkins will also grow on grass. The pumpkins will not disappear when Oktoberfest is over, but you must wait until next year to get Pumpkins, or purchase Pumpkin Seeds from the Dryad NPC.

Items[edit | edit source]

Item Purchased From
Alpine Hat.png Alpine Hat Mobile Version3DS version Clothier
Dirndl Blouse.png Dirndl Blouse Mobile Version3DS version Clothier
Dirndl Skirt.png Dirndl Skirt Mobile Version3DS version Clothier
Lederhosen.png Lederhosen Mobile Version3DS version Clothier
Lederweste.png Lederweste Mobile Version3DS version Clothier
Oktober Locks.png Oktober Locks Mobile Version3DS version Clothier
Wiesnbräu.png Wiesnbräu Mobile Version3DS version Merchant

History[edit | edit source]

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