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Have you seen that old man pacing around the dungeon? He looks troubled.

The Nurse

The Old Man is an NPC whose primary function is to summon Skeletron. He can be found at the Dungeon's entrance. When spoken to at night, the Old Man will give the player the option to "curse", which summons Skeletron. The Dungeon cannot be fully explored until Skeletron is defeated.

When spoken to during the day, the Old Man will tell you to return at night. He will also judge players with less than 300 life (15 hearts) or less than 10 defense as unworthy but still allows them to summon Skeletron.

The Dungeon can be entered without defeating Skeletron, but traveling deeper than ground level within it (below zero depth) will spawn Dungeon Guardians that will most likely kill the player on contact (see Guide:Dungeon Guardian strategies).

When Skeletron is defeated, the Old Man is freed from his curse and will arrive as the Clothier (as long as a vacant House is available), in addition to allowing access to the Dungeon.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Old Man can be hurt with Lava, Dart Traps, which cause normal damage and debuff effects, and Explosives. He will also take damage from a rolling Boulder and Suffocation like all other NPCs. However, enemies do not deal damage to him, and he does not defend himself against them like other NPCs, although he will still run away from them.
  • If the Old Man dies, or the player fails to defeat Skeletron, the Old Man will respawn at the Dungeon entrance the following day.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Only during day:

  • "Come back at night if you wish to enter."
  • "I cannot let you enter until you free me of my curse."
  • "My master cannot be summoned under the light of day."

Only when you have 300 or less max health and/or 10 or less defense:

  • "You are far too weak to defeat my curse. Come back when you aren't so worthless."
  • "You pathetic fool. You cannot hope to face my master as you are now."
  • "I hope you have like six friends standing around behind you."
  • "Please, no, stranger. You'll only get yourself killed."

Only when you have more than 300 max health and more than 10 defense:

  • "Stranger, do you possess the strength to defeat my master?"
  • "You just might be strong enough to free me from my curse..."
  • "Please! Battle my captor and free me! I beg you!"
  • "Defeat my master, and I will grant you passage into the Dungeon."

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Other NPCs will actually "interact" with the old man and engage in conversations.
  • He is the only NPC that will not defend himself and is not damaged by enemies. He also cannot be drowned.
  • He is one of only two friendly NPCs that does not have a Map Icon, the other being the Skeleton Merchant. However, he does appear as a white dot similar to an enemy.
  • Upon summoning Skeletron, the Old Man dies, which makes it seem as if he turns into Skeletron. (Due to the death animation explosion)

History[edit | edit source]