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Paintings/Underground Cabins

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Painting Name Placed Size
Sell Tooltip Description
American Explosive American Explosive
Internal Item ID: 1495
American Explosive (placed).png 2×3 1000*10 'A. G. Kolf' Portrait of the Demolitionist.
Crowno Devours His Lunch Crowno Devours His Lunch
Internal Item ID: 1575
Crowno Devours His Lunch (placed).png 3×3 1000*10 'W. Garner' Parody of Saturn Devouring His Son. Crowno is one of Terraria's spriters.
Discover Discover
Internal Item ID: 1496
Discover (placed).png 3×3 1000*10 'J. T. Myhre' A player wearing Gold Armor spots a Floating Island.
Father of Someone Father of Someone
Internal Item ID: 1442
Father of Someone (placed).png 3×3 1000*10 'V. Costa Moura' Based on The Son of Man. The man appears to be the merchant.
Finding Gold Finding Gold
Internal Item ID: 1480
Finding Gold (placed).png 3×2 1000*10 'J. T. Myhre' A Pickaxe and a nugget of Gold.
Glorious Night Glorious Night
Internal Item ID: 1577
Glorious Night (placed).png 2×3 1000*10 'M. J. Duncan' Moon and stars.
Guide Picasso Guide Picasso
Internal Item ID: 1440
Guide Picasso (placed).png 3×3 1000*10 'V. Costa Moura' Guide painted in Picasso style.
Land Land
Internal Item ID: 1477
Land (placed).png 2×3 1000*10 'J. T. Myhre'
The Merchant The Merchant
Internal Item ID: 1574
The Merchant (placed).png 3×3 1000*10 'W. Garner' Parody of Leonardo da Vinci self-portrait
featuring the Merchant.
Nurse Lisa Nurse Lisa
Internal Item ID: 1443
Nurse Lisa (placed).png 3×3 1000*10 'W. Garner' Parody of Mona Lisa featuring the Nurse.
Old Miner Old Miner
Internal Item ID: 1498
Old Miner (placed).png 3×3 1000*10 'J. T. Myhre' Person leaning on a Pickaxe.
Rare Enchantment Rare Enchantment
Internal Item ID: 1576
Rare Enchantment (placed).png 3×3 1000*10 'D. Phelps' Tim.
Sunflowers Sunflowers
Internal Item ID: 1427
Sunflowers (placed).png 3×3 1000*10 'W. Garner' Based on Sunflowers by Vincent van Gogh.
Terrarian Gothic Terrarian Gothic
Internal Item ID: 1428
Terrarian Gothic (placed).png 3×3 1000*10 'W. Garner' Parody of American Gothic
featuring the Goblin Tinkerer and the Mechanic.
Waldo Waldo
Internal Item ID: 1474
Waldo (placed).png 2×3 1000*10 - Waldo from Where's Waldo?.