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AI TypeSwimming AI
Damage25 / 130
Max Life30 / 190
Defense2 / 5
KB Resist0% / 10%
BannerPiranha BannerPiranha Banner
Immune toConfused
Coins50*50 Copper Coin.png
Heh heh, you shoulda seen the look on the Dryad's face when I stuck that piranha tooth in the chair!

The Angler

The Piranha is an enemy that can be found in water pools in the Jungle and Underground Jungle biomes and in the Cavern layer. It is twice as common in the Jungle biomes.[1]

Piranhas swim in a straight line left or right until hitting a wall, where they flip directions. They will swim towards the player if they are submerged in water; otherwise they pay no attention to the player. They move their tail back and forth and swim in a slight zig-zag. If a Piranha is outside of water, it will flop around wildly, making it dangerous to approach.

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