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Planter Box
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Daybloom Planter Box inventory icon Moonglow Planter Box inventory icon Blinkroot Planter Box inventory icon Shiverthorn Planter Box inventory icon

Waterleaf Planter Box inventory icon Fireblossom Planter Box inventory icon Deathweed Planter Box inventory icon Crimsonweed Planter Box inventory icon

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Type Furniture
Placeable Yes
Dimensions 1 wide ˣ 1 high
Use time 14 (Very Fast)
Rarity Rarity Level: 0
Buy / Sell Silver Coin / 20 Copper Coin
Internal Tile ID: 380
Desktop VersionConsole Version Desktop/Console-Only Content: This information applies only to the desktop and console versions of Terraria.

Planter Boxes are a special gardening object purchased from the Dryad for Silver Coin each. They work in a similar way to Clay Pots, but with a few key differences: They will not break on impact with a weapon, as they do not require blocks below them to support them. Additionally, they also act as Platforms. Although each Planter Box has different seed names, any herb seeds can grow in any planter box.

Depending on what your world is, the Dryad will sell either a Deathweed Planter Box with Corruption Grass, or a box with Crimson Grass.

Types[edit | edit source]

Item Availability
Daybloom Planter Box.png Daybloom Planter Box
Internal Item ID: 3215
Defeat King Slime
Moonglow Planter Box.png Moonglow Planter Box
Internal Item ID: 3216
Defeat Queen Bee
Blinkroot Planter Box.png Blinkroot Planter Box
Internal Item ID: 3219
Defeat Eye of Cthulhu
Shiverthorn Planter Box.png Shiverthorn Planter Box
Internal Item ID: 3221
Defeat Skeletron
Waterleaf Planter Box.png Waterleaf Planter Box
Internal Item ID: 3220
Defeat Skeletron
Fireblossom Planter Box.png Fireblossom Planter Box
Internal Item ID: 3222
Defeat Wall of Flesh
Deathweed Planter Box.png Deathweed Planter Box
Internal Item ID: 3217
Defeat Eater of Worlds
Crimsonweed Planter Box.png Deathweed Planter Box
Internal Item ID: 3218
Defeat Brain of Cthulhu

History[edit | edit source]

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