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PlanteraFirst Form
Plantera's First Form.png
EnvironmentUnderground Jungle
AI TypePlantera AI
Damage50 / 114 (melee)
44 / 76 (seed)
54 / 96 (poison seed)
62 / 108 (thorn ball) Desktop Version
62 (thorn ball) Console version
120 (thorn ball) Mobile Version3DS version
Max Life30000 / 42000
KB Resist100%
Inflicts debuffPoisonedPoisoned
50% / 100% chance

Debuff duration3 - 7 seconds / 2 - 9 seconds
(Green Seed attack)
Debuff tooltipSlowly losing life
Immune toPoisonedConfusedVenom
Coins 15 Gold Coin
Map Icon Plantera (first form).png
Map Icon
PlanteraSecond Form
EnvironmentUnderground Jungle
AI TypePlantera AI
Damage70 / 140 Desktop Version
70 Console version
100 Mobile Version3DS version
Max Life15000/30000
KB Resist100%
Immune toConfusedPoisonedVenom
Coins15 Gold Coin
Map Icon Plantera (second form).png
Map Icon
Plantera's Hook
Plantera's Hook.png
TypeBoss Part
AI TypePlantera's Hook AI
Damage60 / 120
Max Life4000 / 8000
KB Resist0% / 10%
Immune toPoisonedConfusedVenom
Plantera's Tentacle
Plantera's Tentacle.png
TypeBoss Part
AI TypePlantera's Tentacle AI
Damage60 / 120
Max Life1000 / 2000
KB Resist0% / 10%
Immune toPoisonedConfusedVenom
AI TypeSpore AI
Damage70 / 140 (126)
Max Life1
KB Resist100%
Immune toConfused

Plantera Trophy.png "The jungle grows restless..." Plantera Trophy.png

Plantera is a Hardmode boss that can be fought after all three Mechanical Bosses (The Destroyer, Skeletron Prime, and The Twins) have been defeated.

While Plantera is alive, its exclusive Music will play.

Summoning[edit | edit source]

After all three Mechanical Bosses have been defeated, Plantera's Bulbs will randomly spawn in the Underground Jungle (indicated by the status message "The jungle grows restless..."). Destroying one of these bulbs requires a Pickaxe, Drill or the Clentaminator (with dark blue solution), and upon doing so, Plantera will spawn immediately. Plantera will also summon when using actuators under the bulb.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

Plantera awoken

Enraged Plantera/Second form.

Plantera moves through blocks slowly, using long vines to grapple foreground blocks, similar to multi-Grappling Hooks. In the second phase Plantera grabs Background Walls.

First form[edit | edit source]

Plantera creeps after the player, firing pink Seeds and eventually green Poison Seeds, firing them more rapidly as it takes more damage. When its health nears the value at which it would change to its second form, it begins dispensing bouncing thorn balls.

Although Plantera enhances its range, contact can still occur if it gets too close, causing 50 / 114 damage.

Second form[edit | edit source]

Once Plantera is brought down to half of its original health, it changes to its second form: Its pink petals fall away to reveal a thorn-filled mouth. In this form, Plantera moves more aggressively and attempts to make contact. It also sprouts additional mouths that are attached via vines (called "Plantera's Tentacles") to its hooks. Once all of the tentacles have been killed, they will never regrow, making Plantera much easier to fight.

Plantera will also release floating pink spore projectiles that drift towards the player, similar to the spores released by the Giant Fungi Bulb.

Enraged behavior[edit | edit source]

Plantera only becomes "enraged" if it follows the player out of the Underground Jungle, whether it be to the surface, to the Underworld, to a corrupted or hallowed part of the Underground Jungle, or to a completely different biome. This causes it to obtain double damage (quadruple in the second form), double defense and increased movement speed, as well as changing its attack patterns and directly rushing the player. Plantera's behavior returns to normal upon re-entry of the Underground Jungle biome.

Attack types[edit | edit source]

  • Plantera's Hook.png Plantera's Hooks: The ends of Plantera's tentacles, which cling to surfaces and deal 60 / 120 damage on contact.
  • Plantera Seed (animated).gif Poison Seed (animated).gif Seeds (first stage): Similar to the stingers of the Hornets and petals of Flower Pow. In expert mode, these can travel through blocks. The green Poison Seeds are more deadly than the more frequently fired Pink Seeds, but are not fired until Plantera's health depletes past 24000 / 33600. Pink and Green seeds deal 22 / 20 and 27 / 24 damage respectively.
  • Thorn Ball.png Thorn Balls (first stage): Thorn balls are similar to the Spiky Ball weapon. These bounce around erratically through the Jungle and can overwhelm the player if they stay in the same area for too long, as well as dealing 62 / 108 damage on contact. Plantera will not begin releasing thorn balls until it drops below 80% of its life. It will stop releasing the thorn balls once it enters the second stage, although the thorn balls previously released may linger for a bit.
  • Plantera's Tentacle.png Plantera's Tentacles (second stage): Gnawing minions on "leashes", akin to smaller versions of The Hungry. They deal 60 / 120 damage and get in the way of the player's attacks, making piercing weapons more valuable. With 1000 / 2000 HP they are relatively weak and easily killed with proper equipment.
  • Spore.png Spores (second stage): Similar to the Fungi Spores fired by the Giant Fungi Bulb. Travels through blocks. Easily destroyed, but deal 70 / 140 damage if touched.

Expert mode[edit | edit source]

In expert mode, there are a few significant differences in Plantera's attacks, aside from the default increased health and damage.

Phase 1[edit | edit source]

Plantera's seeds, that originally didn't travel through blocks, now can and with increased damage. They also have limited homing capabilities.

The thorn balls are also more common and home in on the player.

Phase 2[edit | edit source]

Plantera's tentacles, originally only attached to the body, now are attached to the Hooks and have increased in number (considering there are 3 more for each hook, there appear to be 9 extra tentacles). They also have more health than usual (including the default increased health). Plantera's body also does more damage and is faster than normal.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Plantera always drops a Temple Key, which grants access to the Jungle Temple and the Golem boss. In the Old-gen console version Old-gen console version, Mobile version Mobile version, and 3DS version 3DS version, Temple Keys can also be combined with Biome Key Molds to craft Biome Keys; but in the Desktop version Desktop version and Console version Console version, Biome Keys drop in their respective biomes and no longer require molds.

A status message saying "Screams are echoing from the dungeon..." will appear, signaling that new, more difficult enemy types will begin spawning in the Dungeon (see details). These drop powerful new weapons, accessories, and other items. Dungeon Spirits will begin to appear when Dungeon enemies with more than 100 health are slain, which drop Ectoplasm, a new crafting material that offers access to the Pumpkin Moon and Frost Moon events, as well as Spectre BarsDesktop VersionConsole Version.

For players on the Old-gen console version Old-gen console version, Mobile version Mobile version, and 3DS version 3DS version, it is a good idea to keep the Jungle Key for crafting Biome Keys and enter the temple with actuators.


Achievement[edit | edit source]

Achievement The Great Southern Plantkill.png
The Great Southern Plantkill • "Defeat Plantera, the overgrown monstrosity of the jungle's depths."
Defeat Plantera for the first time. Desktop VersionConsole Version

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • If Plantera is currently summoned and you break another bulb, a second Plantera will not be summoned, though the bulb will be destroyed.
  • If Plantera has no surfaces to latch onto, it will slowly float off, going up into the space portion of the map, or until it hits a space where it can latch onto again. Plantera's Hooks pass through blocks so if you try to trap it, Plantera will simply latch out.
  • If the player strays too far away from Plantera, it will despawn.
  • If the three mechanical bosses are defeated prior to the Wall of Flesh, then killing the Wall of Flesh is still required to trigger "The jungle grows restless."
  • In the Mobile version Mobile and 3DS version 3DS versions, the player should be especially cautious of Plantera's thorn balls, as they do significantly more damage.
  • If the Underground Jungle becomes contaminated by the Mushroom Biome, Corruption, Crimson or Hallow, Plantera will become enraged if the player gets too close to the infecting biome.
  • If you are playing on the Desktop version Desktop version, and in Expert Mode, it is possible to get 10 items at once, if you're really lucky.

Tips[edit | edit source]

For more elaborate strategies on defeating Plantera, including Weapon and Arena recommendations, see Guide:Plantera strategies.

  • Excavate a sizable area to allow easier dodging before summoning Plantera.
  • Using a Gravitation Potion can help the player avoid any further damage from spiky balls laying on the ground, as the spiky balls obey gravity and fall to the floor. Alternatively, the player can use an arena which has a large empty area at the bottom for spiky balls to bounce in, well below the player and out of harm's way.
  • Plantera's Bulb can spawn in player-made Jungle Biomes, which can provide a slightly easier way to fight Plantera.
  • Narrow passages slow Plantera as it takes more time for it to grip the surrounding terrain.
  • Plantera spawns off-screen and is quite easy to outrun, which means if the player intends for Plantera to chase them, they will need to stop periodically or move much more slowly than normal.
  • Widening a Bee Hive in the Underground Jungle is a fast and effective way of making an arena for fighting Plantera (but watch out for the Larva unless you want to intentionally summon Queen Bee).
  • If you have already beat Plantera, hooking up onto a block and using Vampire Knives can do continuous damage to it, but not doing any damage or knockback on the player even if it gets too close.This is only recommended on the first form and wearing heavy armor.
  • The Flamethrower could be considered for fighting Plantera due to the continuous stream of projectiles emitted, and is a pre-Plantera weapon which can easily be crafted after defeating Skeletron Prime.
  • A recommendation is Chlorophyte Arrow, as they bounce off walls, allowing the player to get multiple hits on Plantera.
  • Equipping a Cobalt Shield will help with melee attacks because Plantera won't knock the player away, but the player may receive more damage since Plantera can get closer.
  • Using Golden Shower, Ichor Arrows or Ichor Bullets to lower Plantera's defense is sure to make the fight less difficult. In addition, the Ichor debuff also allows you to make Plantera more visible, as it gives it a bright yellow shading.
  • Using a Cross Necklace may also help as it increases your time of invincibility after being hit.
  • Fighting Plantera on the surface may be easier than fighting it underground if you have a good ranged weapon and a long set of Minecart Tracks.
  • Summoning Queen Bee during the fight is a very easy way to gain a 200 HP heal that can be "left alone" until needed.
  • Using the Chlorophyte Shotbow with the Holy Arrow is quite effective.
  • Using timed Teleporters and a Death Sickle can be an easy way to beat Plantera. Make sure to always be aware of Plantera's hooks.
  • On the Old-gen console version Old-gen console version, if all players die while Plantera is alive, it will stay where the player died, so try to stay around a Bed or the spawn point. However, it will work on the Console version Console version in multiplayer.
  • Using a Megashark and ample Chlorophyte Bullets can help significantly at long range.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The name "Plantera" is a play on the title of American metal band Pantera, which is Cenx's favorite band. Plantera drops "The Axe", which is a tribute to the late Guitarist for Pantera, Dimebag Darrell. Also, the achievement for defeating Plantera is called "The Great Southern Plantkill" in reference to the Pantera album "The Great Southern Trendkill".
    • Plantera's music is a rock-and-roll/metal theme, likely because Plantera itself is a reference to the band Pantera. Parts of its music have a similar sound to the end of Pantera's song Domination.
  • "Plantera" is Swedish for the infinitive of the verb "plant", and French for "will plant".
  • On the Old-gen console version Old-gen console version the saving icon is one of the Thorn Balls that Plantera fires.
  • Plantera has the largest amount of unique drops in the game, with 15. This is tied with Queen Bee.
  • Plantera is one of two bosses with exclusive music for itself, the other being Moon Lord.

History[edit | edit source]

  • Desktop
    • Increased chance for The Axe to be dropped by Plantera from 0.5% to 2%.
    • Biome Chests can no longer be opened until Plantera is defeated.
    • Temple Keys are no longer required to make Biome Keys.
    • Added Expert mode drop, Spore Sac.
    • Now has a chance to drop the Seedler.
    • In Expert mode seeds fired from Plantera now travel through blocks.
    • Now drops 50-149 rockets, up from 20-49.
  • Desktop 1.2.4: Fixed bug where "The jungle grows restless" message would appear when you defeat Wall of Flesh, which occurs most often in online servers.
  • Desktop 1.2.3:
    • Now drops 15 Gold Coin.
    • Now despawns when all players have been killed.
    • Is now required to be killed in order to summon Golem from the Lihzahrd Altar.
    • Now has a chance to drop the Plantera Mask.
    • Plantera bulbs no longer spawn until all 3 Mech bosses are defeated.
  • Desktop
    • Plantera is no longer needed for solar eclipses.
    • Its speed has been reduced.
    • Plantera now enrages when taken out of the Jungle or to the surface.
  • Desktop When killed for the first time the message "Screams are echoing from the dungeon..." will now appear.
  • Desktop
    • Fixed a problem that defeating plantera would force serverside characters.
    • Solar Eclipses now only happen after Plantera has been defeated.
  • Desktop
    • Plantera now must be defeated to allow Hardmode dungeon enemies to spawn.
    • Hardmode Crimson, Corruption, and Hallow spread is now slowed after killing Plantera instead of any Mechanical Boss.