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Numerical miscellany for basic player functions and movement.

Health[edit | edit source]

A player achieving maximum health and mana.
See also: Health

Health represents a player's ability to remain alive. All characters start with 100 Health, or five red hearts, upon creation. Health decreases when the player takes damage; when the player reaches zero health, they die. Players can increase their health through the use of Life Crystals to a maximum of 400, or 20 hearts. After this point, Life Fruit can be used to convert red hearts into gold ones worth 25 health, making the natural cap 500 health.

The character gains 20 Health for every Life Crystal used. A maximum of 15 Life Crystals can be used per character, meaning a maximum of 400 Health for a character. As of 1.2, the maximum life is 500 with the use of the Life Fruit, but these can only be obtained in Hardmode. This can be increased temporarily to 600 with the Lifeforce Potion.

Mana[edit | edit source]

See also: Mana

Mana is a player's spell-casting ability. Use of Magic Weapons depletes the player's mana; if a player does not have enough mana to pay the cost of using a selected Magic Weapon, it cannot be used. All characters start with 20 Mana upon creation, or one mana star, with each star being equal to 20 mana. Mana Crystals can be used to increase mana by one star each, to a natural maximum of 200. This limit can further be increased by various Armors, Accessories, Buffs, and Modifiers, up to a maximum of 400.

Defense[edit | edit source]

See also: Defense

Defense protects the player from damage. Normally, damage the player takes is reduced by half their defense value rounded up, but in Expert Mode 75% of a player's defense applies instead. Players start with zero defense, but can gain more by equipping Armor and Accessories, as well as receiving bonuses from certain Buffs. If one's current defense would ordinarily block all incoming damage, they would instead take 1 point of damage.

Horizontal movement[edit | edit source]

All characters start with a horizontal movement speed of 11.36 blocks/sec, or 15 mph (shown by the Stopwatch). While moving, the character will automatically climb any one-block high ledge or hill, and horizontal movement speed is not impeded by doing so (climbing over a pyramid is just as fast as tunneling through it). These values are ignoring the small amount of time it takes to accelerate from a standing position. Horizontal movement speed is capped at 1.6*base speed, or +60%. This limit is removed while moving on top of an Asphalt Block.

Object Effect
(% increase)
Nothing from below 100% 11.36 22.72
Adamantite Leggings.png Adamantite Leggings +5% +0.57 +1.14
Chlorophyte Greaves.png Chlorophyte Greaves +5% +0.57 +1.14
Titanium Leggings.png Titanium Leggings +6% +0.684 +1.368
Beetle Scale Mail.png Beetle Scale Mail +6% +0.684 +1.368
Beetle Leggings.png Beetle Leggings +6% +0.684 +1.368
Cobalt Helmet.png Cobalt Helmet +7% +0.798 +1.596
Orichalcum Mask.png Orichalcum Mask +7% +0.798 +1.596
Orichalcum Helmet.png Orichalcum Helmet +8% +0.912 +1.824
Hallowed Greaves.png Hallowed Greaves +8% +0.912 +1.824
Frost Leggings.png Frost Leggings +8% +0.912 +1.824
Spectre Pants.png Spectre Pants +8% +0.912 +1.824
Gi.png Gi +10% +1.14 +2.28
Cobalt Leggings.png Cobalt Leggings +10% +1.14 +2.28
Nebula Leggings.png Nebula Leggings Desktop Version +10% +1.14 +2.28
Vortex Leggings.png Vortex Leggings Desktop Version +10% +1.14 +2.28
Orichalcum Leggings.png Orichalcum Leggings +11% +1.254 +2.508
Shroomite Leggings.png Shroomite Leggings +12% +1.368 +2.736
Shadow armor.png Shadow armor / Ancient Shadow armor.png Ancient Shadow armor: Full set +15% +1.71 +3.43
Solar Flare Leggings.png Solar Flare Leggings Desktop Version +15% +1.71 +3.43
Adamantite armor Adamantite armor: Full set with Helmet +18% +2.052 +4.104
Squire's Greaves.png Squire's Greaves Desktop Version +20% +2.28 +4.56
Huntress's Pants.png Huntress's Pants Desktop Version +20% +2.28 +4.56
Monk's Pants.png Monk's Pants Desktop Version +20% +2.28 +4.56
Valhalla Knight's Greaves.png Valhalla Knight's Greaves Desktop Version +30% +3.42 +6.84
Red Riding Leggings.png Red Riding Leggings Desktop Version +30% +3.42 +6.84
Shinobi Infiltrator's Pants.png Shinobi Infiltrator's Pants Desktop Version +30% +3.42 +6.84
Hallowed armor Hallowed armor: Full set with Mask +27% +3.078 +6.156
Vortex armor.png Vortex armor Desktop Version: Full set while in stealth -33% -3.42 -6.84
Aglet.png Aglet +5% +0.57 +1.14
Frostspark Boots.png Frostspark Boots +8% +0.921 +1.842
Anklet of the Wind.png Anklet of the Wind +10% +1.14 +2.28
Ice Skates.png Ice Skates (on Ice) +35% +3.99 +7.98
Werewolf (buff).png Werewolf (buff) +5% +0.57 +1.14
Happy!.png Happy! Desktop Version +10% +1.14 +2.28
Well Fed.png Well Fed +20% +2.28 +4.56
Swiftness.png Swiftness +25% +2.85 +5.70
Panic!.png Panic! +50% +5.7 +11.4
Burning.png Burning +5% +5.7 +11.4
Weak.png Weak -10% -1.14 -2.28
Chilled.png Chilled -25% -2.28 -4.56
Slow.png Slow -50% -5.7 -11.4
Oozed.png Oozed Desktop Version -66% -7.524 -15.048
Dazed.png Dazed Desktop Version -66% -7.524 -15.048
Brisk +1% +0.114 +0.228
Fleeting +2% +0.228 +0.456
Hasty +3% +0.342 +0.684
Quick +4% +0.456 +0.912
Maximum Possible
Without buff(s): +67% +7.611 +15.222
With both buffs (Well Fed, Swiftness): +89% +12.723 +25.446
With both buffs and all quick (Demon Heart used): +136% +15.449 +30.899
  • Modifiers are only applicable to accessories. Five accessories may have these modifiers, meaning +20% horizontal speed possible. Only one of these modifiers may be applied at a time. (See: Reforging)
  • Movement speed bonuses are capped at 160% of the regular speed.
  • Shooting out of a portal can in theory achieve unlimited speed, but its down to precision timing and shooting yourself through a portal many times.

Vertical movement[edit | edit source]

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Players are able to jump once to a height of 6 blocks above foot level with no extra equipment. A Shiny Red Balloon will increase this to 10 blocks. A Cloud in a Bottle will provide a second jump which begins at a similar velocity to the first, and is also affected by the Shiny Red Balloon if the player has both equipped. The Bundle of Balloons can allow the user to triple jump, while also jumping higher like the Shiny Red Balloon, The Fart in a Balloon can also increase the jumps to a quadruple jump when combined with the bundle. The Ivy Whip or Grappling Hook may be used to temporarily "fall" faster by grappling downwards while in water or Cobwebs (they are not significantly faster than falling in air). The Slime Mount provided by the Slimy Saddle allows you to fall much faster through air, but will float on water. The numbers for Rocket Boots are at maximum velocity, not when decelerating.

Angel or Demon Wings Rocket Boots Shiny Red Balloon Cloud in a Bottle Effects Velocity
No No No No 6-block jump height
freefall speed
No No No Yes 9-block jump height (6+3) ~24 ~48
No No Yes No 10-block jump height (6+4) ~26.50 ~53.00
No No Yes Yes 17-block jump height (6+4+7) ~26.50 ~53.00
No Yes No No 94-block jump height (6+88) ~18.84 ~37.69
No Yes No Yes 97-block jump height (6+88+3) Varies Varies
No Yes Yes No 98-block jump height (6+88+4) Varies Varies
No Yes Yes Yes 105-block jump height (6+88+4+7) Varies Varies
Yes No No No n-block jump height (6+n)
slow fall speed
Yes No No Yes n-block jump height (6+3+n)  ?  ?
Yes No Yes No n-block jump height (6+4+n)  ?  ?
Yes No Yes Yes n-block jump height (6+4+7+n)  ?  ?
Yes Yes No No n-block jump height (6+88+n)  ?  ?
Yes Yes No Yes n-block jump height (6+88+3+n) Varies Varies
Yes Yes Yes No n-block jump height (6+88+4+n) Varies Varies
Yes Yes Yes Yes n-block jump height (6+88+4+7+n) Varies Varies

Medium movement[edit | edit source]

There are currently 4 media in the game other than air: Water, Lava, Cobwebs, and Honey. They all have slowing effects on movement compared to that of air. All wings also reduce fall speed compared to that of air.

Medium(s) Effect
(% decrease)
No Medium None ~11.36 ~22.72
Water -33% ~7.86 ~15.72
Lava -33% ~7.86 ~15.72
Cobweb -93.65% ~0.67 ~1.34
Water & Cobweb -96.82% ~0.45 ~0.9

(Note that the Fishron Wings dropped by Duke Fishron increase movement speed in all liquids.)

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Achievement Marathon Medalist.png Marathon Medalist • "Travel a total of 26.2 miles on foot."
Travel a total of 26.2 miles (69,168 tiles) on foot. Desktop Version
Trophy Marathon Runner.png Marathon Runner"You have traveled over 42km on the ground!"
Run 42 km (~ 68,898 blocks). Console Version
Trophy Gone in 60 seconds.png Gone in 60 seconds"You ran continuously for 60 seconds."
Continuously run for 1 minute. Console Version
Trophy Leap a tall building in a single bound.png Leap a tall building in a single bound"Jump really, really high."
Jump extraordinarily high. Console Version
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