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  • Pot item sprite
Coin Portal in the Underworld
This article is about the naturally-generated pots, broken upon contact with weapons. For the craftable pots, see Clay Pot and Cooking Pot.

Pots are common items generated at world creation in random areas. When broken with any weapon or tool, they will drop coins and/or random common items. Pots cannot be picked up, never respawn, and cannot be crafted.

Upon Breaking[edit | edit source]

Upon breaking a Pot, the game follows the process below to decide what happens:

  1. There is a small chance that a Coin Portal will spawn in place of the Pot's normal drops. A Coin Portal displays briefly as a floating circular effect, dispensing 5-15 Gold Coin, one at a time, before disappearing. This chance ranges, depending on the location and type of pot, between 0.4% and 1.6% (1/250 and 1/62.5). If the Coin Portal spawns, the process ends.
  2. If it is in front of dungeon walls and below the surface level, there is a 1/40 (2.5%) to drop a Golden KeyGolden Key. If it drops, the process ends.
  3. 1/45 (2/45) chance to drop a bottle of potion. The possible types of potions vary with depth, and the chances of different potions are equal. If potion drops, the process ends.
  4. If it's multiplayer, there is 1/30 chance to drop 1 Wormhole PotionWormhole PotionDesktop VersionConsole VersionMobile Version. If it drops, the process ends.
  5. Generate a random number S from 1 to 8 (inclusive), then:
    1. If S is 1 and the player closest to the pot is not full of health: drops 1 HeartHeart, and then 50% chance to drop 1 more. In Expert mode, there will be 2 additional 50% chance of dropping 1 HeartHeart. So in Expert mode, there is 1/8 chance to drop 1 HeartHeart, 3/8 chance to drop 2 HeartsHearts, 3/8 chance to drop 3 HeartsHearts, and 1/8 chance to drop 4 HeartsHearts.
    2. If S is 2 and the player closest to the pot is not full of mana: drops 1 StarStar.
    3. If S is 3: Drops TorchTorch or GlowstickGlowstick (if in liquid). The amount is 2-5, and in Expert mode, there will be an additional 1-6.
    4. If S is 4: Drops a stack of ammo. The default type is Wooden ArrowWooden Arrow. If in Surface layer or Underground layer, there is a 50% chance being replaced by ShurikenShuriken(Pre-hardmode)/GrenadeGrenade(hardmode). Then, if in Underworld, it will be replaced by Hellfire ArrowHellfire Arrow, else if in hardmode, it will be replaced by Unholy ArrowUnholy Arrow or Silver BulletSilver Bullet (50%/50%). The amount of dropped ammo is 20-40.
    5. If S is 5: Drops 1 Lesser Healing PotionLesser Healing Potion or Healing PotionHealing Potion (when in Underworld or in Hardmode). In expert mode, there will be 1/3 chance to drop 1 more.
    6. If S is 6 and in Cavern layer or Underworld layer, drops 1-4 BombsBombs. In expert mode, will drops additional 0-3 BombsBombs. The process ends.
    7. If S is 6 or 7 and not in Underworld layer and not in Hardmode, drops 20-40 RopesRopes. The process ends.
    8. Drops money.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Pots drop an additional 10% more coins for each unique boss and event defeated.
  • The amount of items dropped is higher in Expert modeDesktop VersionConsole VersionMobile Version.
  • Wormhole Potions drop only in multiplayer.
  • Pots' distribution in the different layers is about the following: Surface 4%, Underground 20%, Cavern 62% and Underworld 14%.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Desktop Version With all bosses and events defeated, an Expert Jungle Temple Pot in the Underworld layer can drop up to 231222*23 Gold Coin.png 12 Silver Coin.png 22 Copper Coin.png. This is the highest amount of money a Pot can drop.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

  • Desktop
    • Introduced Coin Portals.
    • Pots now drop more money based on the type of Pot and drop an additional 10% more money for every boss and invasion you defeat.
  • Desktop 1.2.4: Fixed bug: pots wouldn't drop life or mana if you had boosts in effect.
  • Desktop Fixed bug: altars/pots/chests spawned in bugged conditions.