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Desktop versionConsole versionMobile version Desktop/Console/Mobile-Only Content: This information applies only to the Desktop, Console, and Mobile versions of Terraria.
Salamander.png Salamander 2.png Salamander 3.png Salamander 4.png Salamander 5.png
Salamander 6.png Salamander 7.png Salamander 8.png Salamander 9.png
Classic mode icon.png Classic
Expert mode icon.png Expert
Master mode icon.png Master
AI TypeFighter AI
Max Life65/130142286/195213429
KB Resist55%/60%/64%
BannerSalamander BannerSalamander BannerDesktop, Console, and Mobile versions
Inflicts debuff
Debuff tooltipSlowly losing life
Chance66% (spit attack)
Duration2–44-8 seconds
Coins120Pre-Hardmode: 3Hardmode: 240Post-Plantera: 480

Salamanders are enemies found in the Cavern layer. They spit projectiles that inflict the Poisoned debuff.

Salamanders, Crawdads, and Giant Shellies are tied into the same mechanic: any given world will only have two of the three enemy types. As such, a world with both Crawdads and Giant Shellies will not have Salamanders.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Like their aforementioned analogs (Giant Shellies and Crawdads), Salamanders have multiple color variants that all share identical statistics.
  • The salamander is actually a real-world amphibian organism.
  • Despite Salamanders having different colors, the Salamander Banner is always the same color.
  • The BestiaryBestiary entry for the Salamanders: "An unusual amphibious bipedal lizard which inhabits the dark caverns. When threatened, it spews a highly corrosive acid everywhere."

History[edit | edit source]