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  • Sandgun item sprite
Stack digit 1.png
Uses ammoSands
Knockback5 (Average)
Critical chance4%
Use time16 Very Fast
Tooltip'This is a good idea!'
RarityRarity level: 2
Sell2000*20 Silver Coin.png

The Sandgun is a ranged weapon that can use Sand, Pearlsand, Ebonsand, or Crimsand as its ammunition, which are affected by gravity. When the sand projectile hits any object, it will turn into a clump of Sand Blocks that will gather on the ground.

When Pearlsand, Ebonsand, or Crimsand are used as ammo, each have the added effect of piercing through enemies.

In contrast to most non-explosive weapons, it is possible for a player firing the Sandgun to hit themselves and cause damage. Falling sand will also cause damage to any and all players.

Its best modifier is Unreal.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

The Sandgun in use. Note how when hitting blocks, the projectiles turn into sand, but when hitting entities they don't.
  • The Sandgun can often create sandy messes, and can also block the player from being able to land another hit on an enemy. Using it to fight enemies can become difficult.
  • The falling sand block can't land on various things, like Saplings and Minecart Tracks. Instead, the Sand Block disappears. The same will happen if the sand is fired upwards into the bottom of a Platform.
  • Despite having a listed critical strike chance of 4%, the Sandgun cannot deal critical hits.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • The Sandgun is affected by boosts that reduce ammo usage, making it possible to create more sand than what was used as ammo:
    • For sand farming, begin by noting that farming a full stack of sand will fill a large part of the screen, and will take the better part of a day.
    • It may be worthwhile to set up a high drop over a flat area, say 30×70, for easier collection.
    • For the placing and multiplying of the sand, start with the Ammo Box and/or Ammo Reservation Potion, then add an armor that provides ammo reservation.
      • The armor options improve over the course of the game:
      • Using a modifier of Rapid or Frenzying can improve speed over Unreal.
      • Even with the better modifiers, a second Ammo Reservation Potion will likely be needed, and perhaps another visit to the Ammo Box.
    • For collection, a fast pickaxe is a must. (See also the Mining speed page for hints.)
  • The Sandgun is incredibly strong for when it can be obtained, outperforming the Phoenix Blaster in raw damage. However, the resulting sand can impede the player. Consider using a Featherfall Potion and shooting downwards to avoid the falling sand.
    • Because of this, using the Sandgun to fight against the Wall of Flesh can be effective because the boss forces the player to continually move away. However, fallen sand can disrupt placed stairs, meaning a hell bridge made of platforms might have to be repaired after the battle.
    • While regular sand can only hit one enemy before falling, the falling sand ball will deal considerable damage to enemies it strikes as it falls.
  • The Sandgun can function as a more reliable (albeit slower to spread) version of Thrown Water due to its ability to shoot sand of all types.
  • The ability to place sand can be useful in blocking tunnels or filling lava-filled gaps from a distance.
  • Shooting the Gun downward while on the ground will cause the player to automatically rise one block. This can be handy in reaching Space with low effort.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Sandgun's sprite resembles the Illegal Gun Parts that are used to craft it.
    • This is because when the Sandgun was introduced, it was the only item to use Illegal Gun Parts in its recipe.
  • The Sandgun is the only weapon crafted at a Furnace.
  • Despite the large cost to obtain this weapon (200000*20 Gold Coin.png Desktop VersionConsole VersionMobile Version / 250000*25 Gold Coin.png Old-gen console version3DS Version for Illegal Gun Parts, and getting 10 Antlion Mandibles can be tedious because of the low drop rate), its sell price is absurdly low (2000*20 Silver Coin.png), reducing the potential cost that a player will need to get a good modifier.
  • It is the only gun-styled weapon whose ammunition can be retrieved.
  • The gun works with the same mechanics that the Antlion uses. This is why antlion mandibles are used to craft the gun.

History[edit | edit source]