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Snow biome

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This article is about the snow-themed biome. For the block, see Snow Block. For the weather event, see Rain.

The Snow biome, also known as the Tundra, is a biome that takes on an arctic theme, being primarily composed of Snow and Ice Blocks, and displaying a constant snowfall effect. Trees within Snow biomes have a snowy cover on them, and yield Boreal Wood instead of ordinary Wood. During rain, a Snow biome will undergo a blizzard instead, where snowfall increases, causing decreased visibility, and unique enemies to be able to spawn. Some NPCs will sell different items when situated in a Snow biome, including the Merchant, Painter, and Clothier.

On the 3DS version 3DS version, normal sized worlds only have a 1/3 chance of containing a Snow biome.

The Snow biome becomes an Ice biome at Underground depths, and will disappear at the lower Cavern layer.

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Player-created Snow biomes are possible by placing more than 1,500 Snow Blocks and/or Ice Blocks in an area.
  • Water does not turn into ice blocks in a Snow biome. Ice blocks are generated only on world creation.
  • Snow biomes are somewhat immune to surface Hallow and Corruption/Crimson spread, since snow blocks cannot be transformed. However, Ice Blocks are affected and will be transformed into Pink Ice Blocks (Hallow), Purple Ice Blocks (Corruption) and Red Ice Blocks (Crimson), which mostly affects the Ice biome.
  • Grass will not grow on Dirt Blocks in a Snow biome.
  • From surface to underground, the snow biome will always generate in a shape similar to a trapezoid.
  • The Snow biome will always be located on the opposite side of the world as the Underground Desert and the Jungle. Both the Snow Biome and Jungle can generate near or in spawn.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Snow Flinx and Penguin fries Marshmallow on a Stick displayed on the Official Terraria Forums (Snow style)

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