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Space is a layer appearing at the top of the world: ~950 feet and above for large worlds, ~700 for medium worlds, and ~425 for small worlds. Gravity is decreased in Space, which means the player can jump higher, and will fall slower, similar to the Featherfall Potion effect. The sky is dark and stars are visible, even when the Sun is still up. It has its own unique theme music.

Despite being at such high altitudes and having clear lack of oxygen, players that enter Space do not experience any consequences.

There are no particular naturally-occurring blocks or objects in Space, other than the possibility of having Floating Island or Living Tree parts extending into it.

As with all high-altitude locations, Harpies will spawn, and in Hardmode, Wyverns. Fallen Stars spawn in this environment and can appear inside structures made at that altitude. Martian Probes have a more likely chance of spawning in space. Monsters such as Slimes and Zombies can also appear in Space, given a viable surface to spawn on.

Contents[edit | edit source]

Characters Unique Drops For Sale
Harpy.png Harpy

During Hardmode:

Arch Wyvern.png
Arch WyvernConsole VersionMobile only.png3DS logo.svg

From Harpy

Feather.png Feather
Giant Harpy Feather.png Giant Harpy Feather
Harpy Banner.png Harpy Banner

From Wyvern

Soul of Flight.png Soul of Flight
Wyvern Banner.png Wyvern Banner

From Arch Wyvern

Soul of Flight.png Soul of Flight
Arch Wyvern Banner.png Arch Wyvern Banner Console Version
Shadow Key.png Shadow Key

From Painter:

Place Above the Clouds.png
Sky Guardian.png

Reaching Space[edit | edit source]

Achievement[edit | edit source]

Achievement Into Orbit.png Into Orbit • "You can only go down from here!"
Reach Space. Desktop Version
Trophy Icarus.png Icarus"Reach the top of the World!"
Reach Space. Console Version

History[edit | edit source]

  • 1.3.4: No longer rains in space.
  • 1.2: Now has its own unique music.
  • 1.1:
    • When nearing the top of the world, the player will now leave the atmosphere and be less affected by gravity. The sky will also turn dark.
    • New enemy: Wyvern
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