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Spider Wall

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Spider Wall
  • Spider Wall item sprite
  • Spider Wall placed
Naturally Generated
Naturally Generated
The item(s) described on this page exist as functional game items, but are only naturally generated and cannot be collected.

Spider Walls are an unobtainable Wall found in naturally-formed Spider Caves. It can be destroyed with a Hammer, however it will not drop any item, nor can it be crafted. Therefore it cannot be obtained.

It's special when it comes to walls, as it has the ability to create Cobwebs over time. because of this, it can be used to farm Silk.


  • Cobwebs can't grow underwater.
  • Player placed cobweb may not be retrieved when destroyed.


  • On the background texture of the wall there seems to be a bound NPC. This could be a reference to the actual Lost Girl, or more likely the Stylist NPC as she will initially spawn (bound before rescue) within a Spider Cave.