Stynger Bolt

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Stynger Bolt
  • Stynger Bolt item spriteold Stynger Bolt item sprite
Stack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.png
Damage17 Desktop, Console, and Mobile versions / 15 Old-gen console version3DS version (Ranged)
Knockback1 (Extremely weak)
Base Velocity2
Velocity Multiplier
TooltipExplodes into deadly shrapnel
Rarity05*Rarity level: 5
10 (Demolitionist) Old-gen console version3DS version
Research99 required
Projectile created
  • Stynger
  • Stynger Shrapnel
    Stynger Shrapnel

Stynger Bolts are the ammunition used solely by the Stynger, and have a 100% of dropping from the Golem if the Stynger is dropped. Additional bolts can be purchased from the Witch Doctor and Arms Dealer (75 per bolt), and on Old-gen console version Old-gen console and 3DS version3DS, the Demolitionist (10 per bolt, once Golem has been defeated), as long as the Stynger is in the player's inventory.

Stynger Bolts explode on impact and release up to 5 pieces of explosive shrapnel that deal regular damage. The initial blast has a radius of 5 tiles (comparable to Rocket III at 6 tiles), while the shrapnel explosions have a radius of 3 tiles. The explosions do not damage the player.

1000 Stynger Bolts cost 750 to purchase, or 1, if purchased from the Demolitionist Old-gen console version Old-gen console and 3DS version3DS.

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