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A Consumable is an item that is removed from a player's inventory upon direct use. For items that are consumed from use of another item, see Ammunition. Some consumable items, like thrown weapons, may be recoverable as dropped items afterward in certain situations.

Note: This term is distinct from Category:Consumable items, which is a Terraria Wiki category encompassing all blocks and furniture that can leave the player's inventory via placement, but which are not necessarily used and destroyed.

Explosive Consumables[edit | edit source]

Explosive Consumables
Item Damage Speed Breaks tiles? Radius Additional notes
BombBomb 100 24 Yes 5 It bounces and rolls, making it hard to aim with it.
Sticky BombSticky Bomb 100 24 Yes 5 Sticks to tiles on contact, allowing more precise control.
Bouncy BombBouncy BombDesktop VersionConsole Version 100 24 Yes 5 As the name implies, an even bouncier version of a bomb.
DynamiteDynamite 250 39 Yes 7 Bounces and rolls, but less than Bombs.
Sticky DynamiteSticky DynamiteDesktop VersionConsole Version 250 39 Yes 7 Sticks to tiles on contact.
Bouncy DynamiteBouncy DynamiteDesktop VersionConsole Version 250 39 Yes 7 Can be used to throw Dynamite with a reach further than normally possible.
GrenadeGrenade 60 44 No 3(?) Explodes instantly on contact.
Sticky GrenadeSticky GrenadeDesktop VersionConsole VersionOld-gen console versionMobile Version 60 44 No 3(?) Sticks to tiles, and explodes on contact.
Bouncy GrenadeBouncy GrenadeDesktop VersionConsole Version 60 44 No 3(?) Bounces along surfaces and explodes on contact.
Happy GrenadeHappy GrenadeDesktop VersionConsole Version 30 44 No 3(?) Purchased from the Party Girl.
BeenadeBeenade 14 14 No 3(?) Summons a swarm of bees upon exploding.
Holy Hand GrenadeHoly Hand GrenadeMobile Version3DS Version 600 4 Yes 30x15(?) Has the highest amount of damage in all of Terraria.

Consumable Weapons[edit | edit source]

Consumable weapons
Item Type Damage Speed Attack Style Extra Effects Additional notes
ShurikenShuriken Weapon 10 14 Throw -- Like Boomerangs, Shurikens can be thrown through single-block-thick walls, at certain angles.
Star AniseStar AniseDesktop VersionConsole VersionOld-gen console versionMobile Version Weapon 14 14 Throw -- Obtained from opening Presents.
Rotten EggRotten Egg Weapon 13 18 Throw -- Can be used to damage friendly NPCs.
BoneBone Weapon 20 11 Throw -- --
Throwing KnifeThrowing Knife Weapon 12 14 Throw -- The Magic Dagger is a magical version of the Throwing Knife, behaving identically but consuming Mana instead of stacks of the item.
Poisoned KnifePoisoned Knife Weapon 13 14 Throw 50% Chance of inflicting Poison Can be thrown slightly longer distances, and has a slightly higher damage than the Throwing Knife
Bone Throwing KnifeBone Throwing KnifeDesktop VersionConsole Version Weapon 14 13 Throw -- --
JavelinJavelinDesktop VersionConsole Version Throwable 17 23 Throw -- Dropped by Hoplites. Pierces up to three times.
Bone JavelinBone JavelinDesktop VersionConsole Version Weapon 29 24 Throw Can inflict Penetrated Sticks to enemies to deal additional damage.
Spiky BallSpiky Ball Weapon 15 14 Throw Lingers on the ground for a while after use. --
Molotov CocktailMolotov CocktailDesktop VersionConsole VersionOld-gen console versionMobile Version Weapon 23 39 Throw Inflicts On Fire! --
Holy WaterHoly Water Weapon 20 14 Throw Spreads the Hallow to some blocks. Compared to using Hallowed Seeds directly, Holy Water spreads Hallow instantly to multiple blocks of varying types, and offers more uses per Hallowed Seed.
Unholy WaterUnholy Water Weapon 20 14 Throw Spreads the Corruption to some blocks Unholy Water is the Corruption counterpart to Holy Water.
Blood WaterBlood WaterDesktop VersionConsole Version Weapon 20 14 Throw Spreads the Crimson to some blocks Blood Water is the Crimson counterpart to Holy Water.

Consumable Tools[edit | edit source]

Consumable Tools
Item Type Max Stack Speed Attack Style Additional notes
GlowstickGlowstick Consumable 99 14 Throw After being thrown, Glowsticks will disappear if you exit the world.
Sticky GlowstickSticky Glowstick Consumable 99 14 Throw Sticks to any surface on contact.
Bouncy GlowstickBouncy GlowstickDesktop VersionConsole Version Consumable 99 14 Throw Bounces off surfaces. Floats in water.
Spelunker GlowstickSpelunker GlowstickDesktop VersionConsole Version Consumable 99 14 Throw Highlights nearby treasures.
Smoke BombSmoke Bomb Consumable 999 14 Throw After being thrown, it will create a cloud of smoke that hides the player and other enemies.
Confetti GunConfetti Gun 999 14 Weapon Explodes into a burst of confetti. Despite the name, it is a consumable, deals no damage, and does not use ammo.
Beach BallBeach Ball 1 19 Throw Can be bounced around by players.

Permanent Boosters[edit | edit source]

Some consumables will permanently increase a character's stats. These upgrades will never go away, even after death.

Permanent Boosters
Item Effect
Life CrystalLife Crystal Permanently increases the character's maximum health by 20 (up to 400), also restoring this amount.
Life FruitLife Fruit Permanently increases the character's maximum health by 5 (up to 500).
Mana CrystalMana Crystal Permanently increases the character's maximum mana by 20 (up to 200), also restoring this amount.
Demon HeartDemon HeartDesktop VersionConsole Version Permanently increases the character's maximum accessories by 1. This item can only be used once and the extra accessory can only be used on Expert mode worlds.

Summoning Items[edit | edit source]

Some consumable items will summon bosses or events under the correct circumstances.

Boss Summoning Items
Item Boss Summoned Additional notes
Slime CrownSlime Crown King Slime King Slime will also naturally spawn on the outer two-thirds of the map.
Suspicious Looking EyeSuspicious Looking Eye Eye of Cthulhu Must be consumed at night.
Worm FoodWorm Food Eater of Worlds An alternative to breaking three Shadow Orbs, which are found in the Corruption.
Bloody SpineBloody Spine Brain of Cthulhu An alternative to breaking three Crimson Hearts, which are found in the Crimson.
AbeeminationAbeemination Queen Bee An alternative to breaking a Larva.
Suspicious Looking EggSuspicious Looking EggMobile Version3DS Version Lepus Dropped from Diseaster Bunnies and Corrupt Bunnies during Easter, and by Lepus itself at any time.
Cursed StuffingCursed StuffingMobile Version3DS Version Turkor the Ungrateful Requires the player to have the Pet Turkey buff. Upon use, it will consume a Turkey Feather, which can be prevented by putting it in a chest.
Guide Voodoo DollGuide Voodoo Doll Wall of Flesh Only consumable in Mobile version Mobile.
Mechanical WormMechanical Worm The Destroyer Must be consumed at night.
Mechanical EyeMechanical Eye The Twins Must be consumed at night.
Mechanical SkullMechanical Skull Skeletron Prime Must be consumed at night.
Lihzahrd Power CellLihzahrd Power Cell Golem Must be used on a Lihzahrd Altar.
Truffle WormTruffle Worm Duke Fishron Must be used as bait with a Fishing Pole in the Ocean.
Suspicious Looking SkullSuspicious Looking SkullOld-gen console versionMobile Version3DS Version Ocram Must be consumed at night, and in a Hardmode world.
Celestial SigilCelestial SigilDesktop VersionConsole Version Moon Lord There is a 60 second-delay between the item use and the boss summon.
Event Summoning Items
Item Event Started Additional notes
Goblin Battle StandardGoblin Battle Standard Goblin Army Crafted with 10 Tattered ClothTattered Cloth and 5 WoodWood.
Pirate MapPirate Map Pirate Invasion Rarely dropped by enemies in the Ocean biome.
Solar TabletSolar TabletDesktop VersionConsole Version Solar Eclipse Can be found whole in the Lihzahrd Temple or crafted from fragments dropped by enemies in the Temple. Can only be used in a hardmode world during the day.
Snow GlobeSnow Globe Frost Legion Can be found from opening Presents in Hardmode.
Pumpkin Moon MedallionPumpkin Moon Medallion Pumpkin Moon Crafted with 30 PumpkinsPumpkins, 5 EctoplasmEctoplasm and 10 Hallowed BarsHallowed Bars.
Naughty PresentNaughty Present Frost Moon Crafted with 20 SilkSilk, 5 EctoplasmEctoplasm and 5 Souls of FrightSouls of Fright.

Achievement[edit | edit source]

Achievement Like a Boss.png
Like a Boss • "Obtain a boss-summoning item."
Obtain any boss-summoning item. Desktop VersionConsole Version

Notes[edit | edit source]

Critters[edit | edit source]

Main article: Critters

Critters caught with a Bug Net will drop as an item. Using this item will spawn a living version of the critter.

Potions[edit | edit source]

Main article: Potions

A wide variety of Potion items are available. Neither healing potions nor Wiesnbräu can be consumed while affected by the Potion Sickness debuff.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Some items, despite being "consumables", do not carry the label in-game.

Notable Absences
Item Type Additional notes
Golden KeyGolden Key Key Opens one Gold Chest.
Temple KeyTemple Key Key Unlocks the Lihzahrd Door.
Biome KeyBiome KeyBiome KeyBiome KeyBiome KeyBiome Key Key Opens the respective Biome Chest.
Desert FossilDesert FossilDesktop VersionConsole Version Block Must be consumed at an Extractinator.
Silt BlockSilt Block Block Must be consumed at an Extractinator.
Slush BlockSlush Block Block Must be consumed at an Extractinator.
SnowballSnowball Ammunition Can also be fired with a Snowball Cannon.