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Sunflower inventory icon

Sunflower placed graphic
Type MiscellaneousFurniture
Placeable Yes
Dimensions 2 wide ˣ 4 high
Use time 14 (Very Fast)
Grants buff Happy!.png Happy!
Buff duration Infinite while in vicinity
Buff tooltip Movement speed increased and monster spawns reduced
Rarity Rarity Level: 0
Buy / Sell Silver Coin / 40 Copper Coin
Internal Item ID: 63
Internal Buff ID: 146
Internal Tile ID: 27
Sunflowers in a cave. (Placed artificially)

Sunflowers are large plants which can be found growing naturally on Grass, and can be freed with a pickaxe or drill. They cannot be grown from seeds like most other plants, but are instead placed fully-grown, either naturally on world generation or by the player. They can also be purchased from the Dryad for Silver Coin each, while a blood moon is not occuring.

Sunflowers provide the following functions:

  • They prevent the spread of Corruption, even in Hardmode (though they only affect blocks they are placed on).
  • Desktop versionConsole version They provide the Happy! buff to players within a 50-tile radius, which grants a +10% movement speed bonus and 17% reduction in enemy spawn rate.
  • Each Sunflower decreases an area's total corruption rating by 5 tiles. This rating is used to determine whether NPCs will reject Housing. If placed in large quantities, they can allow NPCs to live near tainted blocks. This effect covers a radius of about 25 tiles.

Sunflowers can only be placed on Grass and Hallowed Grass (at any height) but require an absence of walls behind them when placed (walls can be placed behind them afterward, however). They cannot be placed on Jungle Grass, Corrupt Grass, Crimson Grass, bare Dirt Blocks, nor in Clay Pots or Planter Boxes. They have a very low chance of spawning more sunflowers in a small area.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Sunflower's Happy! buff stacks with the Asphalt movement speed buff.
  • The buff reduces Critter spawns, so if the player would like to collect Bait, it is wise to remove any nearby Sunflowers.
  • Desktop versionConsole versionMobile version Sunflowers glow in the dark.
  • Desktop versionConsole version The Sunflower's Happy! buff will stack with Peace Candles, further reducing enemy spawn rates.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The sunflower from the release trailer.
  • There are other placeable plants (none of which provide buffs or debuffs):
Dye plants: Teal Mushroom.pngGreen Mushroom.pngSky Blue Flower.pngYellow Marigold.pngBlue Berries.pngLime Kelp.pngPink Prickly Pear.pngOrange Bloodroot.png placed: Teal Mushroom (placed).png Green Mushroom (placed).png Sky Blue Flower (placed).png Yellow Marigold (placed).png Blue Berries (placed).png Lime Kelp (placed).png Pink Prickly Pear (placed).png Orange Bloodroot (placed).png
Strange Plants: Purple Strange Plant.png Orange Strange Plant.png Green Strange Plant.png Red Strange Plant.png
  • In the release trailer for 1.3, a variant of sunflower was shown with a golden interior as opposed to the regular sunflower (some are seen in the beginning of the trailer). It never ended up in the final update and its effects are unknown.

History[edit | edit source]

Desktop versionDesktop version
Console versionConsole version
Mobile versionMobile version
3DS version3DS version
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