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Not-so-boring bow[edit source]

Boring Bow? In my opinon this sprite is very interesning and not boring at all. It would be a great addition, through, it's kinda weird that it would drop from an ogre, because he has no bow. Unless we count his ball of snots as his ranged weapon but... I don't mind anyone would want to shot that balls of snots, through inficting that debuff would be nice. Through, in any way this weapon's title is missleading. The sprite and obtaining way makes it a not-so-boring bow :^)
P.S. I'm sorry for this short message, but... Do you think it's a boring bow tho? 14:08, 15 February 2019 (UTC)

This look like a nice opinion that you could share with the devs. Except that, well, devs don't answer here. Try to talk about it in the forums, Official terraria discord, or find a mod that implemented it (it's legals as it's PC content, as per mod policies). Murrayzero (talk) 15:11, 15 February 2019 (UTC)