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question: is cobalt in this game immune to explosions? (including dynamite) i underestimate it becuase you use a pickaxe to mine it. i know its end game but after what ive seen, all the hard work put into the defence i dont buy its THAT durable. (mainly becuase the armor is like a crappy version of the shadow armor, i'd say only the helmit is worth the ore due to its defence, combine it with molten greaves and a chainmail and you still are ready to die in 5 seconds, those 2 reasons are why i think it wouldnt be immune to explosions is becuase its basically compensation if you have something lower than "shadow tier" defence) and in a controled enviroment has anyone tested its durability against bombs ) ) ) - > sticky bombs ) ) ) ) - > dynamite ) ) ) ) ) - > (highest tier explosive ever crafted) wire powered explosives? its been known sticky bombs dont blow up gold bricks but i'd say cobalt ore is just worth that much, and if it is durable against TNT i'd waste it all the time for buildings, as is its only purpose.

Look here.
By way of a more complete explanation, the reason that hardmode armor seems so lacking in defense is that they are used for all 3 styles of combat. Chest and leg armor have low defense so that, when combined with magic and ranged head armor, the defense remains in line with those styles' needs. The melee head armor makes up the difference, so that's why it's defense is so high. They all give pretty hefty set bonuses for their combat styles, so that is the incentive for assembling a full suit. -- TechpriestMagos 23:46, 19 December 2011 (UTC)