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Duration?[edit source]

An exact number would be nice for this.

Bug?[edit source]

Is the sell value a bug? It makes re-forging the cross very cheap, but when trying to sell it it is worthless. All other mimic drops seem to sell for 2g.

Anomaly?[edit source]

Although using meteor blocks does not trigger the Cross Necklace and/or Star Veil as of 1.2, other items such as a spike from the Dungeon do cause continuous damage while triggering the invincibility frames. A player with reasonably high armor and health regeneration items can simply stand on a single dungeon spike and maintain continuous invincibility, even when being swarmed by enemies.

Panic Cross Necklace[edit source]

I honestly don't know why they haven't made this a reality yet. -- 04:51, 21 November 2014 (UTC)