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Talk:Dungeon Brick Walls

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Merge[edit source]

The reason for the merge being that Blue/Green/Pink Brick walls are nothing more than color swaps. Appart from the sprite, the items are strictly equivalent. There is strictly nothing that can be said about, say, the "Blue" Brick Wall, that can't be said about the Pink or Green, or just Dungeon Brick Wall in general. happypal (talk • contribs) 13:06, 4 June 2011 (UTC)

Anybody for/against? I'll be doing it tomorrow if I get no objection. happypal (talk • contribs) 06:58, 8 June 2011 (UTC)
Merging now. happypal (talk • contribs) 08:09, 9 June 2011 (UTC)
Done. happypal (talk • contribs) 08:16, 9 June 2011 (UTC)

Availability of dungeon wall types?[edit source]

I have a slight problem with some of my dungeons not spawning the Slab type of wall. I've searched the entire dungeon and have revealed every room, chamber, corridor, etc. with no indication of the Slab wall type. Both of the two other types of wall are present. Does anybody know if this is a bug or something? The article states that dungeons spawn with at least one of each type but I can't seem to find any slabs. - —Preceding unsigned comment added by [[User:|]] ([[User talk:|talk]] • contribs)

Tis is not uncommon, unless your world is a large one. - MinecraftPhotos4U (talk) 22:01, 9 November 2014 (UTC)
I have a large world and literally only Brick walls. I'm pretty miffed about that, but I guess it can't be helped. Nixitur (talk) 03:01, 6 March 2015 (UTC)

Harvestability[edit source]

Can the Slab/tile walls be obtained via breaking, and do they spawn dungeon creatures when placed? - MinecraftPhotos4U (talk) 22:01, 9 November 2014 (UTC)

They can be obtained but they won't spawn dungeon enemies outside the natural dungeon. Equazcion (talk) 22:08, 9 Nov 2014 (UTC)

Question[edit source]

Where Bone Lee spawns ? Everywhere in the dungeon ? --Dinoxel (talk) 23:06, 15 November 2014 (UTC)

Yeah, he spawns in front of any wall type. --Gearzein (talk) 23:13, 15 November 2014 (UTC)

Suggesting what to edit in.[edit source]

Why not include the pre-Plantera mobs aswell? I'm especially thinking of Cursed Skulls since they drop Nazars. 09:18, 29 December 2014 (UTC)Thricewise

It's just a wall page. We don't usually include enemy lists on a page like this, and the only reason we do here is because which enemies spawn happens to depend on the wall type present in this case. The pre-Plantera enemies aren't affected by the wall type. Equazcion (talk) 09:29, 29 Dec 2014 (UTC)

Blue Slab Walls[edit source]

"As with all walls, Dungeon Brick Walls collected and placed by players will prevent enemy spawns, and most can be used for valid NPC Housing; the only exception being the Blue Slab variant (see below), which will not produce a valid House." Why not? Is this a known issue? There's no further explanation here. 17:55, 12 August 2015 (UTC)

I don't quite know what the story is with that. It was discussed among players in the forum and I tested it myself to confirm, then noted it in the article. I never saw or investigated any real explanation, and the developers have not commented on it, to my knowledge. You could bring it up again at the forum if you're really curious. Equazcion (talk) 21:21, 13 Aug 2015 (UTC)
According to the Wall page: Bug fixed: The Blue Slab Wall is now valid for housing, if placed by a player. 21:38, 23 August 2015 (UTC) (same person that started this discussion)

This page contradicts itself; in the history it says that the walls can't be broken if skeletron hasn't been defeated, whilst in the main article it says that the world must be in hardmode. After testing it once I found out that beating skeletron did the trick, now I'm going to try and beat the wall and not skeletron and see if it has the same effect. Mythteller (talk) 22:05, 24 January 2016 (UTC)

Dungeon Wall IDs & internal names[edit source]

   public const byte BlueDungeonUnsafe = 7;
   public const byte GreenDungeonUnsafe = 8;
   public const byte PinkDungeonUnsafe = 9;
   public const byte BlueDungeon = 17;
   public const byte GreenDungeon = 18;
   public const byte PinkDungeon = 19;
   public const byte BlueDungeonSlabUnsafe = 94;
   public const byte BlueDungeonTileUnsafe = 95;
   public const byte PinkDungeonSlabUnsafe = 96;
   public const byte PinkDungeonTileUnsafe = 97;
   public const byte GreenDungeonSlabUnsafe = 98;
   public const byte GreenDungeonTileUnsafe = 99;
   public const byte BlueDungeonSlab = 100;
   public const byte BlueDungeonTile = 101;
   public const byte PinkDungeonSlab = 102;
   public const byte PinkDungeonTile = 103;
   public const byte GreenDungeonSlab = 104;
   public const byte GreenDungeonTile = 105;

Ferretwings (talk) 23:59, 13 March 2019 (UTC)