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Gold Chest (item)?[edit source]

It's not very good to mix two pages of different content with each other on wikis. I think we should separate them.

Molten hamaxe bug removal[edit source]

Golden chests can be destroyed with the molten hamaxe. I think when the person that wrote it tried it, his chest wasn't empty.

Locked Gold Chest a new chest type?[edit source]

The Gold Chests that require a Gold Key look to be a new type of chest and are not just Gold Chests in certain areas. The sprite looks different. futRtrubL 02:45, 11 August 2011 (UTC)

Xbox 360 bug??[edit source]

I have tried opening a gold chest with a shadow key on the xbox 360 version in 20 different worlds, haven't succeded once so i think we can remove that bug --Liviaro (talk) 16:47, 10 June 2013 (UTC)

Done, thanks for the info :) Equazcion2 (talk) 16:53, 10 June 2013 (UTC)

1.2 infinite gold chest bug[edit source]

This is bug encountered directly after the molten hamaxe bug. When playing with a friend they happened to destroy a gold chest with their hamaxe. We were wondering what had happened because the chest disappeared completely. So the chest and it's supposed contents were invisible to both of us, but as I walked around where the chest had been I started picking up all the (invisible on screen) items that were in the chest. I thought this was just due to tons of lag, but then it got worse.

That's where the real bug started. I picked up 5 gold chests So I started placing them down so she could see how many I had picked up. I then began breaking them again (to pick them back up) but I couldn't break one of the chests. For some reason, I was still able to pick up a chest, but it didn't get removed from where I had placed it. I then realized I could get infinite chests from this bug.

Infinite Gold Chest Bug.jpg Infinite Gold Chest Bug 2.jpg

  • Picture 1: Chests flying everywhere
  • Picture 2: 168 golden chests collected

posted by IroncladLion

Extra bug proof[edit source]

I also got this glitch just today, the picture shows a semi glitched chest and I my inventory almost filled with chests. I don't know how this happened but it is pretty cool.

Terraria chest dupe glitch.png

Posted by Knarkill34

Hardmode Loot?[edit source]

I found a gold chest from a fresh world that almost imeadiatly was put to hardmode. This chest contained silver bullts which is abnormal from a gold chest to contain.

Other Chests[edit source]

As of 1.3, Rich Mahogany Chests, Granite Chests, and Marble Chests can all be found underground with the same loot as Gold Chests. However, all three of these pages simply redirect to the central page chest, with no indication of the possible loot they can contain. It would be tedious to list the same loot table four times on all of these pages, so perhaps the Gold Chests loot page could be moved to the normal Chest page's loot tables, as it's done with the surface loot. –KM100 (talk) 21:18, 16 July 2015 (UTC)

I was about to propose converting the loot tables into templates for easy transclusion and correction. This is all the more reason to consider my proposition.--Macks2008 (talk) 19:00, 28 July 2015 (UTC)
I agree that the way that chest loot is handled needs to be reworked, but I wouldn't put them on the main Chest page (not that I have a suitable alternative). I think that having surface chest loot on that page has always been kind of awkward, and that more of a distinction needs to be made between chests as player-crafted storage items and chests as generated loot containers.
It is at times like this that I look to the Minecraft wiki to steal ideas. Perhaps something similar to their Chest Loot page could be used for this purpose? Gearzein (talk) 19:34, 28 July 2015 (UTC)

XBOX Dragon Armor[edit source]

Shouldn't it show in the history that the Dragon Armor used to be found in Gold Chests in the XBOX version? (Pretty pointless question...). TerrariaInspectre (talk) 21:31, 5 March 2019 (UTC)

It's not a pointless question. Anyway, i don't think it should be mentioned. Are you sure remember that Dragon armor appeared in chests in Xbox (360?)? If so, i could ask around. -- Murrayzero (talk) 21:58, 5 March 2019 (UTC)
It was in the history on the Dragon armor page. I took care of it. I do wish we had the patch #; I had to use the date instead. – Ferretwings (talk) 22:31, 5 March 2019 (UTC)