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MOSS[edit source]

no info whatsoever on moss in this entire wiki???

ok so I've seen the chromatic grasses, but is red moss and purple moss the same purpose? do they spread corruption/crimson? no answers anywhere saying moss is harmless

RESPONSE: There is a page about moss now. I qrote a request for more info on the discussion page there.

GRASS COLORS[edit source]

The grass colors in the article are generally descriptive, but some of them (not all though) exactly match paint colors in-game. I hesitate to edit the table, since it could suggest accuracy for all colors that isn't there, but it's a fact that the regular forest grass is in fact, based on the paint colors available in the game, not green, but teal.

I suggest basing it on the paint colors though and using descriptions for the non-fitting that are obviously not available in-game. In effect:

Grass = Teal, Corrupt grass = Pale purple, Crimson grass = Dirty red, Mushroom grass = (Pale/Pastel? blue - hard to describe - it has a hint of gray), Jungle grass = Lime green (correct), Hallowed grass = Cyan

on multiplayer servers muchroom grass seems to keep growing glowing mushrooms even if acculated. someone who knows where to put that might want to add that somewhere.

Blue Berries[edit source]

It's probably worth noting that they grow on normal grass. 22:49, 30 June 2016 (UTC)