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Probability count[edit source]

The type of coins probability count is incorrect. It is 89.9% (copper) + 9.9% (silver) + 1% (gold) = 100.8% instead of 100% overall.

Amusing Modifier[edit source]

I got a Lucky Coin to drop just now during a Pirate Invasion in a Snow biome, and as luck would have it, it had a +2% critical strike chance, making it a 'Lucky' Lucky Coin. Talk about confusing not-quite-redundancies!

Platinum Coins?[edit source]

Is it possible for enemies to drop Platinum coins when Lucky Coin is equipped? Can anyone verify one way or another from the game's source code?

Easy way to farm money[edit source]

Lucky Coin actually DOES drop coins from statue-spawned enemies, as of An easy way to get lots of money is to use any minion armor and summon the max number of any melee minion that you are able. Any enemy that drops coins normally will work, though Jellyfish are best, as they also can drop Jellyfish Necklaces that sell for over 1 gold each.

Console workaround?[edit source]

Since one of the notes states that Lucky Coin won't work on consoles unless you deal 1 damage to an enemy, wouldn't the bee gun (or another low damage, high fire rate weapon) work around this as it deals 1 damage for each bee against pretty much all hardmode enemies? Seems like that might be a good idea for money farming against trapped high hp enemies.

Meteor Heads[edit source]

I've noticed that Meteor Heads are giving me some coins, even though my world is in Hardmode and therefore they shouldn't be giving me any loot. I'm not sure what's happening. I wasn't carrying the Lucky Coin, but the Greedy Ring. Maybe the Greedy Ring is glitched and it works with enemies that normally are excluded with the Lucky Coin? --Morenohijazo 16:27, 2 May 2017 (UTC)

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