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Best Modifier[edit source]

Should light not be the best modifier as it gives 5% more speed than legendary and the additional damage and crit will do nothing for mining? —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) at 23:43, 27 July 2015 (UTC)

Technically, the matter of "best" is non-negotiable. Modifiers have an inherent value, which is visible in the changes they cause to an item's buy and sell price. Any given weapon's best modifier is the one that adds the most monetary value to the weapon while still being legally applicable given its base stats. Most pickaxes don't even have stated best modifiers on their pages, because so few of the stats apply to them in their intended application.
However, because they share melee modifiers, it may be worth making an exception for tools similar to how summoning weapons are handled, which similarly share modifiers with magic weapons, but gain nothing from most of the stat increases. I'll go ahead and make this change here, and if it's taken favorably it can be rolled out elsewhere. Gearzein (talk) 07:23, 28 July 2015 (UTC)
I think this is a pretty good idea. I edited the statement a bit but I think this would be a good change for pickaxe articles. Equazcion (talk) 10:18, 28 Jul 2015 (UTC)
It's worth taking note of the mining speed page before rolling this out to other tools - for many hardmode tools legendary grants the same speed as light and is therefore still the 'best' modifier (though there are many equivalents for speed, they just lack other bonuses). The shroomite digging claw and most pre-hardmode tools however are better off with the light modifier as it is better for their primary purpose - mining. The table on said page is incomplete thanks to 1.3 but the best speed column shows an example of the minimum +speed modifier to get the best mining speed (legendary is +10%, the same as quick and better than murderous, but not as good as light's +15%) for most pickaxes. Lower is better for speed as it is the number of ticks between each mining action on a tile (much like 'use time' values). Axes and hammers have 'wall time' and 'tree time' values on some pages on the wiki which are similar in purpose to the mining speed page's table, but lack finer details such as modifiers.
Drills/chainsaws and the chlorophyte jackhammer can't have modified speed either, so of course no modifier is useful for their primary purpose and their 'best' is essentially following the same rules as other melee weapons. Some tools also make surprisingly good weapons for when they can be obtained, most notably the rockfish (a powerful pre-hardmode hammer available extremely early on).
In addition to that, if the pickaxes page is accurate for the mining speed of luminite pickaxes (7) then legendary will actually result in the same mining speed as light will (6, to be precise) anyway, so legendary would in fact be the best modifier, even factoring in mining purposes - which incidentally also means that the picksaw will mine faster or equally fast in every scenario with the only downside being 3 less range, much like how the shroomite digging claws are faster than the picksaw with even less range (though they also can't mine lihzahrd blocks). It might be a good idea to check the game source code to verify that mining speed, as suggesting light is best on the wiki page when it's not even better in practice than legendary for speed (and worse for everything else) is pretty misleading. 22:06, 6 August 2015 (UTC)