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Talk:Nebula armor

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Passing along booster effects to other players[edit source]

The current description, "In multiplayer, any player can pick up these booster items and benefit from their buffs, even if they are not wearing Nebula armor. Additionally, picking up a booster item will grant every nearby player (within a 20-30 tile radius, approximately) one instance of the buff", appears inaccurate and needs further testing.

I was playing with one other friend, and noted a few observations in regards to booster chaining:

  • If the Nebula wearer is on a team and another player not affiliated with the team picks up boosters, the effects will be linked to the player using Nebula armor.
    • Under the same conditions, if the Nebula wearer picks up the boosters, the non-affiliated player does not get the Nebula effects
  • Booster effects are linked both ways when players are on the same team

Since this observation deviates from the "everyone gets the buff" listed, though, I suspect that effects are only spread to teammates if someone is on a team. This leads to a question of whether or not different team players can "steal" nebula boosters, which would require some testing.

ShinyMoogle (talk) 05:54, 5 August 2015 (UTC)