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Waves[edit source]

The number of waves, and the enemies the player will encounter in each wave will depend on the player's level of advancement into the game.

  • Key
    Pre-Mechanical Boss (T1) Post-Mechanical Boss (T2) Post-Golem (T3)
    (T1) & (T2) (T2) & (T3) (T1) & (T3)
    (T1) & (T2) & (T3)
    Enemy Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3 Wave 4 Wave 5 Wave 6 Wave 7
    Etherian GoblinEtherian GoblinDesktop VersionConsole Version
    Etherian Goblin BomberEtherian Goblin BomberDesktop VersionConsole Version
    Etherian Javelin ThrowerEtherian Javelin ThrowerDesktop VersionConsole Version
    Etherian WyvernEtherian WyvernDesktop VersionConsole Version
    Dark MageDark MageDesktop VersionConsole Version
    KoboldKoboldDesktop VersionConsole Version
    Etherian Lightning BugEtherian Lightning BugDesktop VersionConsole Version
    DrakinDrakinDesktop VersionConsole Version
    Kobold GliderKobold GliderDesktop VersionConsole Version
    Wither BeastWither BeastDesktop VersionConsole Version
    OgreOgreDesktop VersionConsole Version
    BetsyBetsyDesktop VersionConsole Version
    Rewards: T1 10000*1 Defender Medal 10000*1 Defender Medal 30000*3 Defender Medal
    Rewards: T2 10000*1 Defender Medal 30000*3 Defender Medal 60000*6 Defender Medal 150000*15 Defender Medal
    Rewards: T3 10000*1 Defender Medal 30000*3 Defender Medal 110000*11 Defender Medal 250000*25 Defender Medal 600000*60 Defender Medal
  • A chart idea. – Ferretwings (talk) 04:42, 17 November 2016 (UTC)

    Nice work. I added it to the page. I'm not sure which is better, but keeping both up seems doable. Equazcion (talk) 17:45, 18 Nov 2016 (UTC)
    Thanks :) And 0icke0, thanks for your input, it's a definite improvement! :)
    I went ahead and collapsed the chart on this talk page, as the one on the main page looks so much better. ;) – Ferretwings (talk) 03:37, 20 November 2016 (UTC)

    Defeating the Mechanical Bosses in pre-Hardmode[edit source]

    If a player defeats the Mechanical Bosses in pre-Hardmode, does that open up Tier 2? Or is Hardmode also a requirement? Under "normal" circumstances the Mechanical Bosses are fought in hardmode, but since they can be summoned manually in pre-hardmode, I was wondering if there was a Hardmode flag that needed to be activated for T2. – Ferretwings (talk) 16:56, 18 November 2016 (UTC)

    Orge and Mage treasure bags[edit source]

    I ain't got any, but made it to the end of the event a lot of times. Have anyone ever saw them? 17:41, 19 November 2016 (UTC)

    The treasure bags are not in the game. That is the reason why they are not droppable (changed that on the pages of ogre and mage to unobtainable). Flisch42 (talk) 18:42, 19 November 2016 (UTC)

    Alternate equipment chart[edit source]

    Started this, not sure if it's any better though. Equazcion (talk) 01:35, 23 Nov 2016 (UTC)

    Class Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
    Apprentice Flameburst RodFlameburst RodDesktop VersionConsole Version Flameburst CaneFlameburst CaneDesktop VersionConsole Version Flameburst StaffFlameburst StaffDesktop VersionConsole Version
    no T1 armor Apprentice armorApprentice armorDesktop VersionConsole Version Dark Artist armorDark Artist armorDesktop VersionConsole Version
    no T1 weapon Tome of Infinite WisdomTome of Infinite WisdomDesktop VersionConsole Version Betsy's WrathBetsy's WrathDesktop VersionConsole Version
    no T1 accessory Accessory: Apprentice's ScarfApprentice's ScarfDesktop VersionConsole Version
    Huntress Explosive Trap RodExplosive Trap RodDesktop VersionConsole Version Explosive Trap CaneExplosive Trap CaneDesktop VersionConsole Version Explosive Trap StaffExplosive Trap StaffDesktop VersionConsole Version
    no T1 armor Huntress armorHuntress armorDesktop VersionConsole Version Red Riding armorRed Riding armorDesktop VersionConsole Version
    no T1 weapon Phantom PhoenixPhantom PhoenixDesktop VersionConsole Version Aerial BaneAerial BaneDesktop VersionConsole Version
    no T1 accessory Accessory: Huntress's BucklerHuntress's BucklerDesktop VersionConsole Version
    Monk Lightning Aura RodLightning Aura RodDesktop VersionConsole Version Lightning Aura CaneLightning Aura CaneDesktop VersionConsole Version Lightning Aura StaffLightning Aura StaffDesktop VersionConsole Version
    no T1 armor Monk armorMonk armorDesktop VersionConsole Version Shinobi Infiltrator armorShinobi Infiltrator armorDesktop VersionConsole Version
    no T1 weapon Ghastly GlaiveGhastly GlaiveDesktop VersionConsole Version Sky Dragon's FurySky Dragon's FuryDesktop VersionConsole Version
    no T1 accessory Accessory: Monk's BeltMonk's BeltDesktop VersionConsole Version
    Monk Ballista RodBallista RodDesktop VersionConsole Version Ballista CaneBallista CaneDesktop VersionConsole Version Ballista StaffBallista StaffDesktop VersionConsole Version
    no T1 armor Squire armorSquire armorDesktop VersionConsole Version Valhalla Knight armorValhalla Knight armorDesktop VersionConsole Version
    no T1 weapon Brand of the InfernoBrand of the InfernoDesktop VersionConsole Version Flying DragonFlying DragonDesktop VersionConsole Version
    no T1 accessory Accessory: Squire's ShieldSquire's ShieldDesktop VersionConsole Version

    Equazcion (talk) 01:35, 23 Nov 2016 (UTC)

    Cultist bug?[edit source]

    I noticed that there is a bug with the event that sometimes the Lunatic Cultist spawns randomly during the event only signaled by a change in music and kills me if I try to protect the crystal or kill the crystal if I run away before chasing after me again.

    By the way, the last prism beam has no direct access to any of the Cultists so I couldn't have accidentally killed them. This bug only happens near the world edges. 11:01, 16 January 2017 (UTC)

    You might want to report that on the official forum. The developers most likely won't read these pages. 4e696e6a6f795844 (talk) 12:49, 16 January 2017 (UTC)

    Old ones army[edit source]

    When is the old ones army event coming to xbox? 19:57, 24 February 2019 (UTC)Aiden

    When 1.3.4 is ported over to Xbox One. Date unknown. – Ferretwings (talk) 20:03, 24 February 2019 (UTC)

    Hardmode or not?[edit source]

    It's not mentioned in any page of Old One's Army, not even in the guide section, whether or not this is a hardmode event. The main page says its a Pre-hardmode, but the guide menu says it's a Hardmode. this is really confusing! please fix this. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) at 20:19, 26 November 2019 (UTC)

    The standard that is assumed for virtually all entities in the game is that they are available pre-Hardmode (since that is also the standard in the game's source code, by the way). Things that only become available at some point in Hardmode are explicitly defined as Hardmode-exclusive. Therefore, if nothing in this regard is mentioned, the entity is already available in pre-Hardmode (and continues to be in Hardmode – unless stated otherwise – to be crystal clear).
    On this page (in the "Summoning" section), it is stated that the Tavernkeep NPC, who is necessary to initiate the event, starts spawning after the Eater of Worlds/Brain of Cthulhu has been defeated. I have moved this requirement up for better visibility (edit).
    What "guide menu" are you referring to? This navigational template? The link to the Old One's Army is in the "Event" section there; there is no separation of Hardmode-exclusive events there.
    Last but not least, please remember to sign your comments by typing four tildes at the end of your comment: ~~~~
    --Rye Greenwood (talk) 00:21, 27 November 2019 (UTC)