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Anyone notice that the meteor hamaxe has higher hammer power than the pwnhammer?

No, no it doesn't. The meteor hamaxe is 60% hammer power. The 100% is for the Axe power. The Pwnhammer is solely used for hammer purposes.

Most efficient hammer[edit source]

Isn't Spectre Hamaxe more effecient at hammering than the Pwnhammer?--Pl4sm4f0rc3 (talk) 09:13, 6 October 2013 (UTC)

Hey guys I'm on iOS and when I defeated the wall of flesh for the first time it didn't drop the p w n hammer. Could someone please tell me why this happened. Thanks

The article says it's impossible to destroy an alter in pre hardmode worlds. I accidentally destroyed one in my pre hardmode world, but under a certain circumstance. The alter formed on sand blocks in a cavern, when I cleared out the sand underneath it, the alter dropped and disappeared. It didn't have any affect on anything, but it is possible to destroy them in pre hardmode.