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Talk:Terraria Collector's Edition

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Collector's Edition Front Cover Does this image fall under fair use? I hesitate to upload it, although that might just be paranoia over copyright...

Actual Page Are we allowed to link the this site?

The really pertinent parts:

I don't know... I almost feel that since the page hasn't already been made, there might be some other reason for its non-existance... Clarification please? --Destructorspace 00:30, 29 January 2012 (UTC)

1.3+ cover/outer sleeve[edit source]

I recently bought Terraria Collector's Edition from Merge Games (imported), and it says on the sleeve that it "INCLUDES HUGE 1.3 UPDATE". Should I try to scan this new cover with this new speech bubble? It also has the the text wall much smaller and in the center, revealing a Pixie, Unicorn, and a Gastropod from where the text wall used to be. I would prefer a hasty reply to this, but I'm probably not going to throw out the sleeve for a few months. 00:36, 25 June 2019 (UTC)