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what you already know about tombstones: 1. a placed tombstone can't do damage, but what about one that has been mid dropped, would it be useful for defeating eye of Cthulhu? would a tombstone that had been on purposely dropped by the player do the foggiest bit of damage? you can find out, by experimenting, but i would be wise to test out these theories first, talk about the tombstone a little and how it helped you(such as conserving wood)

   I feel tombstones should do a LOT more damage after you die. At the very least kill whatever killed you. Revenge by tombstone.
I have not seen any evidence in the code to suggest that the tombstone projectile causes any damage. The projectile itself has no damage specified, and the function that creates it in the player death code does not give it any damage either. --GauHelldragon2 (talk) 16:39, 9 October 2013 (UTC)