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Talk Archives


Template-info.svg Documentation The documentation below is transcluded from Template:Archive-box/doc. (edit | history)

To be used on talk pages that become to long. Put all talk page content in a /archive page and place this template with a link of the /archive page on top of the talk page.

Usage[edit source]

{{archive-box|title=TITLE<br/> * [[/ArchiveSubpage|ARCHIVENAME]] <br/>}}


Here, put the actual subpage name of the archive you want to list. For instance, the name of the archive subpage is Terraria Wiki:Community noticeboard/ArchiveSomething. For ArchiveSubpage, you would put ArchiveSomething.


Here, put the preferred name (no slashes required) of the archive. Recall ArchiveSomething. If wanted to display as ArchiveAnything, put ArchiveAnything in place of ARCHIVENAME.

Listing Multiple Archives

To list another archive, simply go to the next line and create another bulletpoint with [[/ArchiveSubpage|ARCHIVENAME]], then follow the directions above for the ArchiveSubpage and ARCHIVENAME parameters. Remember that you can list an infinite (until the wiki storage space allows, of course) archives.

Title (Optional)

Defaults to “Talk Archives”. This value replaces the title on the top of the Archive Box.