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Template:Buff infobox/doc

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This template is used for displaying the infobox of a buff or debuff.

Usage[edit source]

{{buff infobox
| auto = 
| name = 
| lname = 
| namesub = 
| image = 
| type = 
| cause = 
| effects = 
| duration = 
| tooltip = 
| id = 

The data which is to be displayed can be manually entered when calling the template, but the vast majority of data is generated automatically. To enable automatic data, use this parameter and set it to the ID of the buff (alternatively: auto=yes and either id=<item ID>, name=<buff name>, or nothing else – the latter two methods will cause the template to automatically generate the ID using {{buffNameFromId}}, with the last method using the page title for name reference). This way, all relevant buff parameters are set automatically. However, they can still be overridden and manually entered parameters always take precedence over the automatic ones.


English name of the buff.


Localized name of the buff, for language subpages. Defaults to {{tr|$name}}, i.e. the translation database entry of the name parameter.


Will be displayed underneath the title of the infobox.


Custom image code. Use the full [[File:]] syntax.


Buff/Debuff. Categorizes the page accordingly.


Cause of the buff. Please only use this if it is possible to explain the cause in a very brief way, e.g. | cause = {{item|Honey}} for the Honey buff. Do not enter lists of items or enemies here; put them in the "Causes" section of the article text instead.


Brief description of the buff's consequences. Can be omitted if the tooltip sufficiently and unambiguously describes the effects.


Tooltip of the buff.


ID of the buff.