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Template-info.svg Documentation The documentation below is transcluded from Template:GetBuffInfo/doc. (edit | history)

Get info about buff.


unnamed parameter 1

Buff id, 1 to 205(for desktop version), or m200 to m215(for mobile version).

unnamed parameter 12

Field, can be ename / name / namesub / page / image / tooltip / type. (type can be buff/debuff)


Specify the language code manually.


  • {{getBuffInfo|87|ename}} -> Cozy Fire
  • {{getBuffInfo|87|name}} -> Cozy Fire
  • {{getBuffInfo|87|ename|lang=zh}} -> Cozy Fire
  • {{getBuffInfo|87|name|lang=zh}} -> 温馨之火
  • {{getBuffInfo|147|page}} -> Banners (enemy)

For total count:

  • {{getBuffInfo||count}} -> 322

See also: {{buffIdFromName}}