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This template returns the Item ID of an item based on its name. It requires the exact name of the item.

Usage[edit source]

{{ItemIdFromName | <Item name> (optional) | lang= <lang> (optional) }}

First unnamed parameter

Name of the item. If empty or invalid, will return empty string.


Language code. Default is en. Currently we have 9 languages (as in game): en/es/it/de/fr/zh/pl/pt/ru. All other lang codes will use en database.

Examples[edit source]

Code result
{{ItemIdFromName|Iron Pickaxe}} 1
{{ItemIdFromName|S.D.M.G.}} 1553
{{ItemIdFromName| S.D.M.G. }} 1553
{{ItemIdFromName|Zyan Farbstoff|lang=de}} 1013
{{ItemIdFromName|Amber Bunny Cage|lang=de}} 4888

See also[edit source]