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This template returns the NPC ID of an NPC based on its name. It requires the exact name of the NPC, with potential sub-names in parentheses (e.g. Kobold Glider (T3)).

Usage[edit source]

{{NpcIdFromName | <NPC name> (optional) }}

First unnamed parameter

Name of the NPC. Can be omitted in order to simply load the database and use the generated #dplvars elsewhere.

Notes[edit source]

Since worms consist of several NPCs with different IDs, lacking a result for their trivial name, the ID of the worm's head will be returned when using its trivial name. Requesting Wyvern, for instance, results in , while the Wyvern's single NPC IDs are as follows:

Wyvern Head 87
Wyvern Legs 88
Wyvern Body 89
Wyvern Body 2 90
Wyvern Body 3 91
Wyvern Tail 92

Examples[edit source]

  • {{NpcIdFromName|Eye of Cthulhu}} → 4
  • {{NpcIdFromName|Sand Poacher (On Wall)}} → 531

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