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This template translates a page name to its English name, i.e. in the reverse direction of {{tr}}. It is solely used by tempaltes, such as {{item infobox}}, and is not intended to be used in a stand-alone way.

If the page is a translation subpage, like Wood/it, it will simply return the base page name ("Wood", in this case). Otherwise, such as when used in language wikis, it will return the respective entry of the database (Template:Pagename2en/db-<language code>, e.g. Template:Pagename2en/db-fr for French).

When used on this wiki on a page that is not a translation subpage, it will simply return the page name.

Usage[edit source]

{{pagename2en | <page name> | lang = <target language> }}

Unnamed parameter 1

Name of the page to translate. Defaults to {{PAGENAME}}.


Language of operation, defaults to {{lang}}.

Examples[edit source]

Code Result
{{pagename2en|Fish/it|lang=it}} Fish
{{pagename2en|Tables/it/row|lang=it}} Tables/row
{{pagename2en|Fish}} Fish