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This template uses Module:Recipes, a script written in the Lua programming language. Please see wikipedia:Lua and mw:Extension:Scribunto to learn more about Lua.

This template defines the table "Recipes". View table.

Template-info.svg Documentation The documentation below is transcluded from Template:Recipes/doc. (edit | history)

Query crafting recipes from database and display them as crafts table. The original source for the data can be found on the subpages of Recipes.


Parameters for query constraints:

station = station1/station2/...

List only recipes that using these stations.

stationnot = station1/station2/...

Exclude recipes that using these stations.

result = result1/result2/...

List only recipes that will get this result item.It also possible to do pattern search using SQL LIKE syntax like this: result=LIKE %Phaseblade, multiple:result=Iron Bar/LIKE %Phaseblade, note that "LIKE" must be all uppercase.

resultnot = result1/result2/...

Exclude recipes that will get this result item.It also possible to do pattern search using SQL LIKE syntax like this: resultnot=LIKE %Phaseblade, multiple:resultnot=Iron Bar/LIKE %Phaseblade, note that "LIKE" must be all uppercase.

ingredient = ingredient1/ingredient2/...

List only recipes that contain this item in its ingredient list. You can use "Any xxx" as ingredient name for some alternative crafting ingredients group; and, if you query a item in one of substitutable item group, you will get "Any xxx" as well. Prefix name with "#" will turn this off on this item(and only on this item). For example, if you query by |ingredient=Shadewood, you will get recipes as if you query by ingredient=#Shadewood/#Any Wood; |ingredient=#Shadewood/Iron Bar equals to |ingredient=#Shadewood/#Iron Bar/#Any Iron Bar.It also possible to do pattern search using SQL LIKE syntax like this: ingredient=LIKE %Phaseblade, multiple:ingredient=Iron Bar/LIKE %Phaseblade, note that "LIKE" must be all uppercase.

version/versions = platform-platform-platform

List only recipes that are exclusive to specified platforms. Please note this paramater require full-match, for example, If a recipes is exclusive to desktop and console, you must use |version=desktop-console(can be in diffenent order) to match it, and |version=desktop won't match it.

NOTE: The relationship between above parameters is "and", and the relationship of multiple values inside single parameter is "or". For example, |station=Sawmill/Loom|resultnot=Silk means (in SQL style):(station = Sawmill OR station = Loom) AND result <> Silk

where = whereString

Raw input string for where parameter of cargo query. If specified, all of above parameters are ignored. Used to write complex queries when necessary, with caution.

Other parameters:


The content of table caption.

grouping = n/no

Turn off result & ext cols grouping.

nostation = y

If set, Crafting Station column will be hidden.

showresultid = y

If set, result item will show their internal item ID (if available).

cate = no/force

By default, this template will add transcluding page to crafting station category if crafting result is the page title itself. cate=no will disable this. cate=force will force categorization, no matter what the result and page title are.

link = n/no

Set to n/no will make result item have no link.

expectedrows = number

Assert the expected number of rows in this crafts table. If expected and actual number of rows are not equal, this page will be added to Category:Recipes_table_with_unexcepted_total_number_of_rows.

sortable = n/no

Make the table unsortable.

class =
id =
css/style =

HTML class/id/style attributes for outer wrapper div element.


{{recipes|ingredient=Bone|station=Bone Welder|resultnot=Bone Block Wall|expectedrows=18}}

Query for all Bone furniture. Select all recipes that have BoneBone as one of its ingredient, and crafting station is Bone WelderBone WelderDesktop VersionConsole VersionOld-gen console versionMobile Version, then exclude Bone Block WallBone Block Wall from list. There are 18 items in Bone furniture, so we assert expectedrows=18.

Register Recipes

Recipes in database are registered by {{recipes/register}}, all recipes should be registered on the corresponding crafting station page ( Recipes/[station] ), e.g. Recipes/Sawmill. For usage of {{recipes/register}}, see its document.

Advanced Usage

Custom Result Cells

resulttemplate = template name used for format result cell.

This template will receive following arguments:

  • link, showid, noversion: options for {{item}} template used by default display.
  • result, resultid, resultimage, resultname, resulttext, amount, versionse: infomation about crafting result.

"@@@@" in template output will be replaced with default result display.

See Chairs#Recipes for example.

Custom Table Header

header-result = content of result <th>, default is Result
header-ingredients = content of ingredients<th>, default is Ingredients
header-station = content of crafting station<th>, default is [[Crafting station]]

Adding extra columns/rows around crafting stations

Only valid when nostation not be set.

Define cols:


Column headers before crafting station column


Column headers before crafting station column

Define index key for row content:

station-index-Furnace = _a

Define index key for "Furnace"(as station parameter), for example

Define actual contents:

_a-row-station-col-before-1 =
_a-row-station-col-before-2 =


_a-row-station-col-after-1 =

Define contents for <td> using index key.

Adding extra cols/rows around by crafting results

Define columns:








The order in which all columns are displayed is:
col-As • Resultcol-Bs • Ingredientscol-Cs • station-col-befores • Crafting Stationstation-col-afters • Col-Ds

Define index key for row content:
Define index key for a row(Priority in this order):

result-index-#3 = _a

Define by row number

result-index-Crimtane Bar-desktop console = _a

Define by result name + version info

result-index-Copper Bar = _a

Define by result name

Define actual contents:

_a-row-col-A-1 =

Define contents for <td> using index key, corresponds to the definition of columns.

Adding extra rows

NOTE: extra rows don't count into expectedrows.

Before recipe rows:

topextrow-1-col-result =
topextrow-1-col-ingredients =
topextrow-1-col-station =
topextrow-1-col-ingredients =
topextrow-1-col-C-2 =


topextrow-2-col-result =


After recipe rows:

extrow-1-col-result =
extrow-1-col-ingredients =
extrow-1-col-station =
extrow-1-col-B-1 =
extrow-1-col-C-1 =


extrow-2-col-result =


See Bars and Recovery potions for examples.

Extract component

Some components of the recipe can be extracted and formatted separately, see {{recipes/extract}}.

Count for result rows

You can use {{recipes/exist}} and {{recipes/count}} to check the existence and number of results of recipes that meet query constraints. Note: you should use {{#if:{{recipes/exist|<constraints>}}}} to check existence instead of {{#ifeq:{{recipes/count|<constraints>}}|0}}, because the former is much faster and cheaper.