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Template-info.svg Documentation The documentation below is transcluded from Template:Verify/doc. (edit | history)

This template is intended for use when the accuracy of a statement is in doubt or is being questioned by an editor. It is an open request for confirmation or refutation, and/or more research, and any appropriate editing to bring the statement toward a more acceptable phrasing.

Usage[edit source]

  • {{ verify | <Comment> (optional) | nocat = y (optional) }}

Produces a superscript "verify" after the text which needs verification. Clicking on the link directs to the talk page of the page that the template was added to, where any discussion of the question should be raised and conducted.

  • {{ verify | header = y | <Comment> (optional) | nocat = y (optional) }}

Produces a "Verification Needed" banner. This usually needs to be placed at the beginning of the page.

First unnamed parameter

An additional comment on the verification can be provided.

  • If header = y is not specified: The comment will be placed in the hover text.
  • If header = y is specified: The comment will be placed in a separate section an the bottom of the banner.
nocat = y

Removes the page this template is used on from Category:Verify.

Additional info[edit source]

Pages not in the Main namespace will be placed at "-" in Category:Verify.