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Terraria 2

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Important.svg The game content described below is still in development.
This information pertains to features not yet included in the game, and is subject to change.
They may or may not end up in a future Terraria release.

Terraria 2 is to be the second PC installment of the Terraria series. It was originally revealed that Redigit will be working on Terraria: Otherworld before developing Terraria 2, but Terraria: Otherworld has since been cancelled.[1][2][3]

Currently, the game is just an announcement[4][5] however, it was revealed that it has been in some form of production since February 2012. Terraria creator, Andrew "Redigit" Spinks, has explained in several interviews that his plan is to "expand on the whole Terraria universe". However, very little information, aside from this, has been released.

Things planned are changes in character progression, the way loot works, and an infinite world.[4] When Terraria 2 comes out, Terraria will still NOT be abandoned; a small team will continue to work on it. Terraria 2 does not have a release date yet.

Platforms[edit | edit source]

Terraria 2 will not be coming to 3DS, because it cannot run it properly. Development may still continue, and other handheld consoles are still a possibility.[6]

Features[edit | edit source]

  • Infinite world.[7]
  • Biome diversity.[8]

References[edit | edit source]