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Put preparations needed to get ready for the Console Version Console and Mobile only.pngMobile 1.3 update in the One Terraria section. Necessary general edits should be put under the General Changes section.
See Category:Things to do for a master category of subcategories of pages that can be helped, and Special pages which also contain pages in need of help.

This page may be repurposed for future catch-up update releases of Mobile and Console, but this is up for discussion.

Console Version One Terraria Mobile only.png[edit source]

Info-Logo.png Note: No news have been given as to if New 3DS Logo.png will receive any updates. Therefore, New 3DS Logo.png-related entries should not be put here.

1.3 for consoles is slated to come soon. When it's released, the following changes will be needed (and preferably done quickly).
1.3 for mobile devices is slated to come shortly after console. Mark changes needed for the mobile 1.3 update with a mobile icon (Mobile only.png), so editors know NOT to apply these changes until mobile gets 1.3.
Changes that refer to both versions should be marked with a Console only.pngMobile only.png.

Specific Page List[edit source]

This is a list of specific pages with desktop icons or other small modifications needed.

Normal Edits[edit source]

Things editors (not bots) need to accomplish go here.

  • PLAYTESTING: We will need players to test how to use new controls introduced in 1.3 from desktop, and which ones were left out.
  • {{Expert}} needs to link to Expert mode, for mobile devices viewing pages.
  • {{npc infobox}}'s variant=yes param needs updating.
  • Any editors with the Japanese Console version Japanese Console version need to confirm whether Japanese Console-exclusives were removed in 1.0.750.0.
  • Desktop Version history says that 505 Games ports Console and Mobile versions. This should be changed to Pipeworks. Also, a Pipeworks page needs to be created.
  • All pages in Category:Entities introduced in will need to be edited appropriately.
  • Console only.pngMobile only.pngAll Console/Mobile armor sets (Dragon, etc.) need to have stats removed and become vanity sets. This update will only affect Xbox One logo large.svg Xbox One and Ps icon.pngPS4 (and at some point Mobile as well, but not yet). You can create a new armor infobox with type= Vanity and place the infobox next to the current one.
    • We could maybe have a separate section on the page (under the main paragraph) which gives a brief description of the old armor.
      • Or the other infobox could even be put there, too.
  • Armor page needs to have information updated about Ninja Armor. The Ninja Armor Page itself also needs to be updated. Leave information pertaining to Mobile only.pngMobile unchanged.
    • Mobile only.pngRemove all information saying Ninja Armor is a vanity set when mobile 1.3 is released. (When the above console edit is finished, move this back an indent)
  • Spectral Arrows, Souls of Blight, Sharanga, Tizona, Tonbogiri, and Ocram need to have a {{historical content}} on them have an {{exclusive|oldgen=y|mobile=y|3ds=y}}
    • Mobile only.pngRemove the |mobile=y when mobile 1.3 is released.
  • The Used In sections need to be deleted edited on the following pages: Adamantite armor, Titanium armor, Orichalcum armor, Mythril armor, Palladium armor, and Cobalt Armor. The Dragon armor, Spectral armor, and Titan armor recipes need to be removed edited on the Mythril Anvil and Orichalcum Anvil pages. The exclusive armor sets will become Old-gen/mobile/3DS exclusive.
    • Mobile only.pngUpon mobile 1.3's release, these should no longer be listed as mobile exclusive.

Bot Edits[edit source]

Edits for mass conversion of similar text on the wiki go here.

  • All pages containing both Category:Entities introduced in and {{desktop only}} or {{pc only}} should have said desktop or pc only template replaced with {{exclusive2|}}.
  • Ocram's {{exclusive|console=yes|mobile=yes|3ds=yes}} should have |console=yes replaced with |old-gen=yes.
    • Mobile only.pngRemove the |mobile=yes upon mobile's 1.3 release.
    • All pages with {{exclusive|console=y|mobile=y|3DS=y}} should have it replaced with {{exclusive2||invert=y}} with an invisible note explaining briefly that it will update as 1.3 is released to different platforms.
    • <!-- The thing to the left of this text will update when different platforms get 1.3 -->

General Changes[edit source]

Normal Edits[edit source]

Things editors (not bots) need to accomplish go here.

  • (Sortable?) lists need to be created:
    • List of weapons that pass through blocks
    • List of weapons with area/splash damage
    • List of piercing weapons
    • List of enemies doing area damage
    • List of enemies with attacks that passes through blocks
    • List of enemies that can travel through blocks
  • {{Master Template Luminite}}'s code is erred, and needs fixing.
  • {{translation projects}} needs to be moved to {{translation project}} so there is less confusion over which should be used.

Bot Edits[edit source]

Edits for mass conversion of similar text on the wiki go here.

  • All version only templates need to be replaced with {{exclusive}}, and all exclusive templates in sections need nocat variable set as yes
  • There are both {{desktop only}} and {{pc only}} templates in existence on the wiki. All pages containing both Category:Entities introduced in (Version) and {{desktop only}} or {{pc only}} should have said desktop or pc only template replaced with {{exclusive2|(Version)}}.
  • {{pc icon}} is the exact same thing as {{desktop icon}}. For consistency, this needs to be converted to {{desktop icon}}.
  • Enemies are sometimes called mobs or hostile mobs on the wiki, which is Minecraft terminology (nothing wrong with Minecraft, it’s just that Terraria is a different game and needs its own terminology) and should be used on their wiki. (mobs/hostile mobs need to be replaced with enemy) Sometimes they are also called monsters, too, and this should also be replaced.

Coding[edit source]

Put changes related to the code of the wiki itself here.

  • Userspace editing is bugged, and will sometimes log users out when they are submitting an edit on one of these pages.

Other Help Pages[edit source]

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