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Information.svg Note: Congratulations! All Chinese translation project pages have been moved to the new Chinese subdomain Due to a lot of confusing regarding naming and categorization, ALL versions of Chinese have been moved, and we can separate them out in the future.
Chinese translation of the Terraria Wiki

Main goals 主要目標[edit source]

  • Chinese player support. It is really annoying to search for information on a game and only find something in English if you can't understand English that well.
    • 支持使用中文的玩家。如果你的英文不是很好,一個遊戲資訊全部都是英文實在是一件很惱人的事情。
    • 支持使用中文的玩家。如果你的英文不是很好,面对一个全是英文的游戏词条,实在是一件很恼人的事情。
  • Bring new people to Wiki (those, who will read articles written on their native language and make new articles with it).
    • 帶新的玩家到這個維基來(可以幫忙閱讀並以他們的語言編寫/編輯條目。)
    • 邀请新的玩家到这个维基来,让他们以他们的母语阅读和编辑词条。

To-do 代辦事項[edit source]

  • Create Chinese section.
    • 製作中文章節
    • 制作中文章节
  • Translate all existing articles to Chinese.
    • 翻譯現有文章至中文
    • 将现有的英文词条都翻译成中文
  • Add new information to Chinese Wiki that does not exist in English one.
    • 添加新的資訊至中文維基
    • 在中文维基上添加新的咨询
  • Allows smooth transitions between Traditional and Simplified articles.
    • 允許正體和簡體的文章之間的自由轉換。
    • 允许繁体和简体的文章之间的自由转换。

Project participants 工作伙伴[edit source]


LordofEditing 韩世杰(LordofEditing) from New Zealand
Nadoka - 小那(Nadoka) from Taiwan
Jiune - 阿俊(Jiune) from Taiwan
PoPoQQQ - PoPoQQQ from Mainland China
lizongzeshunshun - lizongze2003 from Mainland China


2013/03/04 願意接續翻譯工作,如有興趣者請留下ID
Zeronsr2000 - Zeronsr2000 from Taiwan
Arch_M - Arch_M from Taiwan
NpcianT77 - NpcianT77 from Mainland China

Project Completed[edit source]